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Undercutting Jessica Sellers

Jessica Sellers

Free Thinking

One of the things I try to do here at Cold's Gold Factory is to show you ways to think outside the box.  I like to try and show ways of thinking that you may never have thought on your own.  Today's post is going to be just that.  Let's look at a few strategies I have talked about before and see if we can utilize these in a different way.  In this post we will revisit Barking, Undercutting, and Oppurtunity, but in a new light.  The best student is not one that simply copies and mimics, but one that grasps the knowledge and implements their own variation to improve upon the original concept.

Jessica Sellers

Most scribes know the Ink Trader Jessica Sellers by name.  She's the vendor in the Dalaran Inscription shop that will trade Blackfallow Inks for various other inks.  Jessica Sellers now has 2 similar ink trading vendors located in both Orgrimmar and Stormwind.  It is no longer required to head to Dalaran to exchange your inks as there new ink traders on the main continents have been added since Patch 4.0.6.

The Ink Traders Will Trade:

1 Blackfallow Ink for 1 of Celestial Ink, Ink of the Sea, Ethereal Ink, Ivory Ink, Lion's Ink, Midnight Ink, Jadefire Ink, Moonglow Ink, or Shimmering Ink.

10 Blackfallow Ink for 1 of Snowfall Ink or Inferno Ink

A scribe that is looking to make a bunch of Darkmoon Faire Cards or Decks may run low on Snowfall or Inferno Inks.  That scribe can come and trade in 10 Blackfallow Inks to get one of the rarer inks required for the Darkmoon Cards. 

Cost and Profit Analysis

I myself do not use this ink exchange option, mainly because I have a lot of Inferno Inks as a bi-product of my Mysterious Fortune Card business.  And even if I run out of Inferno Ink, it is more profitable to use those 10 Blackfallow Inks to craft and sell 10 Mysterious Fortune Cards than to trade away 10 Blackfallow Inks for the 1 Inferno Ink.  Why?  Because the price of Inferno Ink is not high enough to make ink trading the ideal use of the inks.  I can make 10 MFCs with those Blackfallow Inks and with the gold from the sales, buy an Inferno Ink off the auction house and still have gold left over.  In order to make the ink trader option viable, the cost of Inferno Inks needs to be 10x the cost of a Mysterious Fortune Card.  (If you need caught up on Mysterious Fortune Cards please read the MFC Compilation posts.)

Other scribes do use these ink traders to convert their Blackfallow Inks into Snowfall and Inferno Inks.

Undercutting Jessica Sellers

Since other Scribes are willing to trade in 10 Blackfallow for 1 Inferno Ink, we can get in on this ink trading business as well.  How?  Think about applying the trade chat barking tips to this new idea of undercutting Jessica Sellers.  Hell, she's overcharging anyways, so let's undercut her by 1 Blackfallow Ink.  If players are using the 10 to 1 Ink trade, then they should be fine with only trading 9 for 1.  So if you have extra Snowfall Inks or extra Inferno Inks this is a viable way to dump some of them to other scribes for a better profit ration, then just selling them on the auction house.

Set up a trade chat macro and tap it occasionally to look for some Scribes that are looking for Inferno Inks.  The week of the Darkmoon Faire may be the best time to give this a try.  And the fair has just rolled into Azeroth for the week.

Try a trade chat macro like this:
Are You Making Cards and Decks for the Darkmoon Faire?  Short on Inferno Inks?  Screw Jessica Sellers : I'll trade You An Inferno Ink for Only 9 Blackfallows!  Jess charges 10.
Is this profitable on your server?  It depends on the prices on your server.  You aren't stuck with Mysterious Fortune Cards as your only option though.  You could use those 9 Blackfallows to make 3 glyphs.  The question as to whether it is viable on your server or not is this.  Can you make more gold using 9 Blackfallow Inks or with 1 Inferno Ink?  If Inferno Ink prices are sky high on your server, you can look into the opposite.  You may be able to trade in 10 Blackfallow Inks to the ink trader for an Inferno Ink that has a much higher market price.  So hopefully this post has exercised your mind and been a guide to thinking of new and unique ways to profit in World of Warcraft.


  1. Good tip, but as the Glyph market and MFC market require alot of work, time, barking I dont see this working for me, but ofcourse its always about the server, if you are very well in these two markets or just in one of these markets, this is good idea. I would think that on most servers inferno ink prices have drobbed due flooded markets on DMC trinkets. Thats just my vision though

  2. On my server, its more profitable to trade in 10 Blackfallow inks and make darkmoon cards then it is to make msyterious fortune cards, or selling inferno inks, or selling blackfallow ink alone.

    It's pretty crazy.
    As soon as someone starts barking MFC's the undercutters drop the price to 7g or worse.

    Then there's inferno inks, which are going for less then 100 gold per. As low as 50g.

    Blackfallow ink gets undercut for less then 8g per ink.

    On my server, as long as you don't make a stones card you can make more money on DMC's even factoring in the life costs. The profit per ink is much higher.

    This won't last long, as the DMC's are going down in price by the day as well.

    As an aside, it's actually more profitable to farm herbs right now. On my server, I can make more g per hour spending my time farming because the bots are nearly all banned now.

  3. I do this from the other side of the transaction.

    My card making comes first, followed by glyphs. I always find myself holding an excess of Blackfallow that I'd eventually trade in, so I OFFER to trade 9 inks for 1 Inferno, to all those scribes who concentrate on making the MFCs and don't want to play the DMF card game.

    Since Jessica only offers a 1-way deal, I wind up getting a few Infernos at a 10% discount that way.

  4. @Whitewolf

    Excellent point man. On my server the Card market is flooded, while the MFC sellers are constantly giving up when they go up against me.

  5. Interesting.

    I make 100 to 200 cards each fair so close to a couple thousand Inferno Ink and the majority come from converting my BI to II.

    On the AH, I am used to BI and MFC and FC to all being about 7-9g and II be about 10 BI.


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