Friday, April 22, 2011

Changing Alchemy Specialization In Cataclysm

Alchemy Specialization Changing

With the drop in prices of Cataclysm herbs in World of Warcraft, the potion and flask markets have the opportunity to be much more profitable.  I myself changed one of my alchemists from transmutation specialization to potion master just yesterday.  One thing has changed.  There no longer is the Alchemy specialization swapping npc in Shattrath.  There used to be an npc in Shatt that you would pay the150g and then pick which specialty branch of alchemy you want to change to.  He's gone.  It's a lot more tedious now.

In order to change your Alchemy specialty choice, you have to go to the trainer of the original specialization and pay your 150g to unlearn.  Then you have to travel across Outlands to the trainer of the new specialty to train the new specialization.  It was so much easier when you could just find your way to Shattrath, pay your gold and then chose your new speciality.

So my druid had to fly to Stormspire to pay the 150g to unlearn transmutation spec from the transmutation trainer, then fly to Cenarian Refuge in Zangarmarsh to be trained in potions by the potion master there.

So don't waste your time flying to Shatt to swap out your specialities in Alchemy.


  1. I think such npc never even existed. I always had to change specs this way.

  2. What's that mysterious NPC you've been talking about? As far as I recall, you always had to a) unlearn your current specialisation paying 150g at your respective spec trainer (located in Netherstorm, Zangar Marsh or Shattrath City) and would then be able to learn your new specialisation right at the spec trainer of your new specialisation (for free). Don't think there ever was an NPC to skip that! :)

  3. alchemy trainer in lower shattrah city at the alchemy lab used to offer all three specialisations.

  4. no he did not ;-) i´m an Alchemist since vanilla, changing my spezi all few weeks depending on what i need atm.

    Usually i´m buying cheap stuff and store it in my gbank, once a few tabs are full i look up on the ah whats needed, change my spec and produce a shitload of it so the 150g pay off.

  5. The Elixir Master, Lorokeem, in lower Shattrath used to be a one-stop shop for swapping all 3 alchemy specialities for 150g without having to fly to the other trainers. He has been changed to now be just the elixir master.

  6. Oh, well, why fuss and whine about it.. great opportunity to stop off get some pets, check the vendors for at least a few hundred gold in STUFF for not clicking the Flight Master the alchy trainer guy and then the Flight master to location 2, new trainer, hearth... Outlands if you dont know is a gold mine for a little time..

    Personnaly i dont do the route routinely, nor have I hit every vendor, but If I am in the area, I will go out of my way to pick up a few extra goodies. I do stock the pets... so that means for instance i alway hit the nearby vendors for spare parts and the other right ther that has a few herbs.. and its worth the 1 minute flight to Area 52 to clean out the engineering vendor..

    Pets I buy 12 each at a time... why? thats one full mail bag. and it is stored in the mail box, postal set to not open... And it lasts a week or two. before i need to go fly the 15 minute circuit to get more... thats about what it takes to go from Org, to the dark portal, straight northish to netherstorm...

    My point is if you have ever done the Outlands vendor farming route.. especially if you have played at it a couple times.. the run to the Alchy trainer could be HIGHLY profitable... if you know what vendors there are, what they sell, and what sells on your server...

  7. Cold is right. I've only changed Alch spec once and it was done in Shattrath. One stop shopping. Dont look forward to this change if I decide to change again. Wonder what caused Blizz to change this.

  8. @Acheive

    Who's fussing and whining? This post was designed to prevent people who haven't done it in a while from wasting time going to Shatt like I did.

  9. you said you found being a potion master to be more profitable. could you give some insight on what potions you plan to be making? i switched two weeks ago and i did it because i am the only person on my server making healing potions. what caught your eye that made you want to decide to get into the potion market?

  10. thats cause ur all newbs i remember the guy in shatt hes in the northern part of lower city in the tree houses than again i been playing since vanilla

    1. It got changed with The Shattering just before the Cataclysm expansion, hence the whole point of the post. We all know the Bird guy in the Tree House - DUH


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