Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chaos Orbs : To Sink Or Not To Sink? That Is The Question.

Chaos Orbs Are Still BOP

Chaos Orbs and Epic Crafting

There seems to be much discrepancy on how much a Chaos Orb should be valued at.  When Wes, R9sid9nt9vil, and I discussed what we thought that each Chaos Orb should be valued at, we settled on 1k gold for each Chaos Orb.  That was when the new Firelands vendors where just starting to become available to the players that had religiously completed their Firelands dailies.  If you were one of the first sellers of the new guns and epic weapons from the unlocked Firelands vendors, then you could easily earn over 1k per Chaos Orb.  Now the markets are a lot more cutthroat as many more players have access to the new recipes and can craft the new weapons.

We came to that original 1000 gold value for each Chaos Orb based off of the demand surge for the new weapons and everything require to get a single Chaos Orb.  You can only get 1 per Heroic Dungeon run and we all know the horrors of PUGs and how often the PUG doesn't even make it to the end boss before disbanding and abandoning the instance.  So given the time commitment required to get a single Chaos Orb (much more when most weapon recipes take 5 Chaos Orbs), I still value my Chaos Orbs at 1000 gold each.
Farming for Chaos Orbs is one hell of a chore too, even as a tank or a healer.  This is more frustrating in a PUG, since I don't have a whole lot of luck in finding random groups that actually finish dungeons.  For some tips on Farming Chaos Orbs check out the post by Epidermuss of Wrags To Riches.

How Do I Get 1000 Gold Per Chaos Orb?

My server values each Chaos Orb at a measly 250 gold per Orb.  There are multiple players on my server that bark in trade chat that they have all of the new Firelands weapon recipes or the older recipes that require Chaos Orbs.  When they bark, they ask for your materials and 250 gold per Chaos Orb.  250 gold per Chaos Orb isn't worth it to me, so I continue to value mine at 1000 gold per Chaos Orb.  How do I get 1000 gold per Chaos Orb when others are barking and valuing them at 250 gold?  I don't allows players to bring me materials and then charge a fee per Chaos Orb required because they don't expect to pay more than 250 gold.  I strictly craft the items outright and sell them on the World of Warcraft auction house.  This strategy brings in far more than 250 gold per orb because the prices are not negotiable.

You want to be careful when crafting ahead because you will be sinking your Chaos Orbs into an item when you go ahead and craft one to toss up on the auction house in WoW.  When crafting by catering to special orders from players, you avoid sinking your Chaos Orbs into a finished product.  This gives you much more flexibility in how you use your Chaos Orbs, but you are subject to the current market value on your server's trade chat.  By crafting an item and posting it on the auction house, you can control the buyout price of the item, thus controlling your Chaos Orb's value.

What are Chaos Orbs valued at on your WoW server?

Are you able to earn more per Chaos Orb by crafting items outright or by working for material and a fee per Orb?

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  1. I spend my orbs mostly on shields actually - they require only 1 orb, competition is low and they sell well for reasonable price.

    Engineering items are disaster once again (orb ones) - gun is costly and not in demand (at least on my server), so I am just stockpiling orbs on engineer and waiting for them to go unbound (with some occassional sale).

  2. perhaps you should put your money where your mouth is and buy chaos orbs from trade sellers. craft with your own mats and sell in the AH for whatever profit you can get.

    250g is a fair price for a combine.

    1000g is a fair price for collection of mats, combine and AH work (and fees).

    for your 1000g you are doing much more work and risking your own capital.


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