Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reader Submission: Gold Moving Service Guide

Gold Moving Service | Alliance <=> Horde

Creating A Cross-Faction Gold Moving Service

Today I present to you a nice gold tip from a reader here at Cold's Gold Factory.  This guide to starting your own Gold Moving Service on your server is from Flenser of the Maelstrom Server.

Reader Submission:

Since I am leaving WoW for a while and I have enjoyed your site and your podcast, I thought I would pass along a business model I have been using successfully for a while.

Requirements for this model:

1) Characters on both the Horde and Alliance Side
2) Cash Reserves on both sides.

What you do is Bark on both sides.  In my case I use something like

"Flenser's Gold moving service.  Starting a horde toon and want to move some gold over,  for a small fee (10%) I can help.  Save yourself the time, risk and cost of the Neutral AH (15%).  Satisfaction guaranteed."

If someone is worried about you walking off with their money, I just say I'm a level 85 toon with an established presence on the server.  If I steal from you, simply submit a ticket and tell a GM that I scammed you and they will make my life very unpleasant.

This is a simple way to make gold, with a minimal amount of risk and effort.  Plus you will end up with repeat customers if the process is simple and quick for them.

I have probably made 10-15k this way.  Just requires an occasional bark.  Eventually people will come to you, without you having to bark.  Its a very useful service.

If you use my tip,  I expect a shout out on the podcast.  
I'm Flenser on Maelstrom.
Response To Cross-Faction Gold Moving Service

Thanks for the great tip Flenser! And of course you will get your shout-out on Auction House Junkies.  This is a great idea.  I had thought of this myself, but never got around to testing out the strategy since I haven't made any Alliance characters.  Once summer is over and my work hours are less crazy, I will be taking advantage of the free account for WoW veterans.  Once that second free account is up and running and I am working on cross-faction gold making, I will give this a try myself.

When I played Ultima Online, I transferred servers to join real life friends.  I utilized the very same type of service when transferring from server to server.  The guy I used, Mr. Bigg, was offering the same service for a 10% fee.  Mr. Bigg is even mentioned in an awesome book about making real money in virtual markets.

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