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Farming Dragon Whelpling Companions For WoW Gold

Dragon Whelpling Companions

Dragon Whelpling Companions In WoW

Some of the most beloved companion vanity pets in WoW are from the family of Dragon Whelplings.  Who doesn't love a cute little dragon whelpling companion that follows over your shoulder as you travel throughout the World of Warcraft.  The prices on the various Dragon Whelpling companion pets are typically in the thousands of gold and this makes these vanity pets a target for players looking to farm and get a nice chunk of WoW gold or farm up their own companion to learn.  This is due to the fact that they are rare drops and are hard to obtain unless you are willing to put in the time and the effort for a long grinding sessions. 

Just because the drop rates are very low, it doesn't mean that it will take a long grind of killing mobs to acquire a Dragon Whelpling.  On average it will take you a long time to farm up one of these coveted Dragon Whelpling companion pets, but some players do get lucky.  Some players have reported receiving one of these Dragon Whelplings rather quickly, as in only 20 kills or so.  Don't expect to be that lucky though.  Prepare for one hell of a grind.

Dragon Whelpling Farming Locations

There are 4 Dragon Whelpling companion pets that are available from various creatures and zones throughout the World of Warcraft zones. 
  • Azure Whelpling (Blue Dragon Whelpling)
  • Dark Whelpling (Black Dragon Whelpling)
  • Tiny Crimson Whelpling (Red Dragon Whelpling)
  • Tiny Emerald Whelpling (Green Dragon Whelpling)
Azure Whelpling - This blue Dragon Whelpling companion pet can be looted from any of the creatures in the entire Winterspring Zone.  It is what we call a "zone drop" because it can drop from any mob within that zone.  Since Cataclysm, you are no longer required to grind just the blue dragonkin around Winterspring.  Since it is a zone drop, it is possible to happen upon one of these vanity pets while out questing.

Dark Whelpling - This black Dragon Whelpling vanity pet can be looted from various creatures in various zones, so there are multiple options for farming this companion pet.  Your options for farming for this include:
  • Searing Whelp & Searing Hatchling - Dustwallow Marsh
  • Ebon Whelp - Wetlands
  • Scalding Whelp, Raging Whelp, & Nyxondra's Broodling - Badlands
  • Flamescale Broodling - Burning Steps
Tiny Crimson Whelpling - This red Dragon Whelpling is also another zone drop.  This red dragon vanity pet can be looted from any of the mobs within the Wetlands zone.

Tiny Emerald Whelpling - This green Dragon Whelpling can be looted from Noxious Whelps in the Feralas zone. 

Onyxian Whelpling - This is a mini-Onyxia Dragon Whelpling that is no longer available.  The Onyxian Whelpling was awarded for logging into World of Warcraft during Blizzard's 5th Anniversary WoW Celebration. 

Dragon Whelpling Farming Tips
Farming Tip #1) Even though there are multiple creatures that can be farmed for a chance at getting the Dark Whelpling companion pet, there is one creature choice that is much more efficient of an option.  The Ebon Whelp is the best creature to farm for a chance at the Dark Whelpling.  Why?  Since the Ebon Whelp is located within the Wetlands zone, each Ebon Whelp you kill has a chance to drop both the Dark Whelpling and the Tiny Crimson Whelpling.  (Remember, the Tiny Crimson Whelpling is a Wetlands zone drop.) 

Farming Tip #2) If you are going to try farming for any of these Dragon Whelpling pets, try to multi-task while you are farming.  Try to do 2 things at once, instead of just farming alone.  Example:  Farming for the Azure Whelpling, while working on your Timbermaw reputation or Frostsaber reputation.  You can kill Furbolgs for Timbermaw reputation, while also having a chance for each kill to award the blue Azure Whelpling companion pet.

Farming Tip #3) Bring your skinner along as the farming character.  Each of the Dragon Whelpling type creatures that you will be killing for a chance at the vanity pet drop, will also be a skinnable corpse.  These skins and hides will accumulate nicely as you are out farming for the Dragon Whelplings. 

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  1. Have you actually grinded out one of these before? Where some good packed areas to farm it? You said it can take "along time" to farm, but how long did it take you on average?

    By the way, nice tip on farming the ebon whelps though.

  2. I myself grinded for a couple back in Vanilla. I wasn't strictly after the vanity pets, when I got mine. I was leveling my skinning and had chosen the whelps as my targets in Kargath and Wetlands because of their chance to drop the pets, but leveling my skinning skill was my main goal. If a pet dropped, it would be an added effect. I just thought to myself that if I was going to grind, I might as well grind on something that gives me RNG chances at something nice and valuable.

    At that time, before I was more serious about making gold strictly within the auction house, I was more into farming. I farmed for skinning skill points and hides and leathers. Each creature I would kill, would give a RNG chance on a nice vanity pet. I figured that if I was killing mobs, the selected mobs should have a nice loot table for each of my kills to be rolled against.

    I just happened upon both the crimson and the dark whelplings.

  3. So here's the thing, I actually enjoy farming the Tiny Crimson and the Dark Whelplings. I just have trouble selling them. I know their prices should be fantastic, but I end up feeling like I have overpriced them, get cold feet and take them down after a week or so of listing.

    Any advice?

    1. Choose your price and stick to it. They should sell eventually or you can level them as battle pets and try to sell the leveled version.


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