Sunday, August 14, 2011

How New Goblins Can Edge Out Veteran Auctioneers

Young Goblins and Veteran Auctioneers

The Army of Alts

Having multiple World of Warcraft characters is a very important advantage in playing the World of Warcraft auction house.  By having multiple characters that cover multiple crafting professions, you can weather the highs and lows of market swings and won't be stuck selling your items at a less than ideal price.  I recommend having multiple Ideal Alts that are created with a specific role to perform within your army of alternate characters (alts).  This helps you to focus on being more efficient with your gold making stream.  This includes both farming characters and profession characters.   

Gaining An Edge On Other Players

As a new entry into the auction house side of the game you can gain a slight advantage over the old veterans.  If you plan your army of alts properly you can create an ideal efficient combination of characters, racial traits, professions, classes, factions and guild names that can potentially outperform the combinations of the veteran players.  Why?  Many of the older players are stuck in our old routines and patterns and don't want to waste the time to level another profession all over again just for a slight speed or time advantage. 

With a better combination of alternate characters, you can create a speedier process that uses less time per action.  Time is a factor in determining the efficiency of a process.  Therefore, you could create a more efficient process, which gives the potential to run more smoothly and successfully and also require less of a time investment to reach the same output.  "Time is money, friend."

What Ideal Alts Combination Wins?

The absolute perfect combination of alt characters isn't known.  The perfect ideal alt combination is going to be different for each player, since we all like to play the game slightly different.  So we can't compare the results we would get versus the results another player would receive.  We can only analyze the results against our own processes.  So start thinking about your plans for your other character slots.  Do you have every professsion covered?  Do you have a plan for getting the other professions covered?  Think about your profession combinations and your open character slots and create some of the best Ideal Alts that you can.  You too can gain an edge over another player, who is still running an inefficient gold making operation just because it is the process he is used to running.  Think Smart.  Think Ahead.  Think Efficiency.

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  1. Good old fashioned information, that always works. Reminds me that I really need to get to work leveling some of my alts for more professions.

  2. I know this pointer has been made on this site before, but I thought I'd throw it out there again because it seems salient given the content of this post. In addition to balancing your professions advantageously, you should look for niche items within your professions that are under-represented on the auction house. I.e., on my server I sell Elixirs of Giant Growth for 50g a piece (1 earthroot, 1 deviate fish). These items are useful to all players and are not aggressively sold by many auctioneers. Look for things like this to strengthen your income.


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