Monday, August 22, 2011

Projects In WoW & Diablo 3 Gold Making

Odds of Winning WoW 60-Day Game Card

Capped By Cata Contest

Wes is still accepting entries into the drawing for the Free WoW 60 Day Game Time Card over at Capped by Cata in celebration of his One Year Blogging Birthday.  For complete details on how to enter for your chance to win the World of Warcraft 60 Day Game Card, be sure to visit the recent Birthday Contest Reminder over at Wes's site.  The odds of winning are currently 1 out of 3 and will continue to be updated over at Capped by Cata.  So be sure to take advantage of the great promotion Wes has going over at his site.

Auction House Junkies 9pisod9 #15 with R9sid9nt9vil

We would like to apologize for the extended wait for the latest release of The Auction House Junkies Podcast.  Wes was under some miserable illness and editing was delayed until he felt better.  Wes is feeling better and the wait for episode #15 is over.  Be sure to check out the latest edition of #AuctionHouseJunkies on iTunes, Podbean, or the Embedded episodes over at

This episode we have special guest R9sid9nt9vil back with us for a second take.  You may remember R9s from The AHJ Lost Episode #13.  In Episode #15, we have R9s back with both Wes and I for a great interview and some great discussions.  Don't miss it.

Be sure to check out R9sid9nt9vil at and on the Rep Grind Radio podcast.  Rep Grind Radio has just released episode #6.

Late Carnival Entry

I would also like to call some attention to a late entry to the latest Gold Blogging Carnival here at Cold's Gold Factory.  Be sure to check out the latest addition to the Summer Adaptation Blogging Carnival by Epidermuss of Wrags To Riches.

Diablo 3 Gold Tips

The new site Diablo 3 Gold Tips over at is slowly growing.  Wes is also joining me there as we will write about ways to make money with Diablo 3 auction houses.  Whether you are going to be Pre-Ordering Diablo 3 or not, be sure to check out Diablo 3 Gold Tips and join the Diablo 3 gold tips newsletter.  We will be posting sporadically until we are closer to the Diablo 3 Beta release and we can be more accurate with our information.

Also Check Out The Gold Queen's Latest Mini-guide, The Teenager's Gold Guide. Goes perfect when paired with a MFC Guide or any other WoW Gold Guides.

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