Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chimera's Eye - The WoW Epic Gem Project


Chimera's Eye

The Chimera's Eye is a raw material that is used by the World of Warcraft Jewelcrafting profession.  Currently the Chimera's Eye is a reagent in the Jewelcrafter only Chimera's Eye gems as well as a handful of blue Jewelcrafter crafted jewelry pieces for the neck and ring slots.  A pair of Chimera's Eyes are also required in the only other craftable to utilize these, the novelty item - Rhinestone Sunglasses.  A few of the jewelry pieces that require Chimera's Eye have potential to be profitable, but overall they haven't been moving too well for me.  If you listened to the latest episode of Auction House Junkies, then you may have heard my own plans for Chimera's Eye.

The Chimera's Eye Epic Gem Project

Chimera's Eye is the direct equivalent of the Dragon's Eye from Wrath.  Dragon's Eye was the primary material required for creating the epic Prismatic gem, Nightmare's Tear.  Following similar logic, we can expect to see Chimera's Eye as the primary material required for creating the upcoming epic prismatic gem equivalent for Cataclysm.  So I have purchasing Chimera's Eyes off of the auction house every chance I get. 

Why Buy Chimera's Eye?
  • Once Epic Gems are added to WoW, the demand will skyrocket.
  • Chimera's Eyes can be flooded at times on the auction house and can be available for cheap and in quantity.
  • Chimera's Eyes cannot be crafted reliably from Fire Prisms and they have a 24 hours Cooldown.
  • Some impatient players are spending JC tokens to buy Chimera's Eyes to sell on the WoW AH.
Due to 24 hr Cooldowns, the non-profitability of crafting Fire Prisms (as opposed to better uses for the required materials),the randomness of Fire Prisms containing Chimera's Eyes, the shift to saving and spending  JC tokens for Epic Gem patterns, the rush for the new Nightmare's Tear Cataclysm equivalent, and the rising costs of or will ALL play a role in 1 thing - an upcoming demand spike followed by a supply shortage of Chimera's Eyes once Epic Gems are finally implemented.  Think smart and think ahead too.  Stock up now to profit later. 

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  1. This suggestion should be filed alongside everyone's pre-4.2 suggestions to stockpile truegold, dreamcloth, and pristine hides. Though there may be (even say probably will be) a spike in demand for these, the fact that every JC worth a damn is sitting on 50-100 tokens now, not to mention when 4.3 hits months from now, means that supply will continue to outpace demand.

    I would caution against following this tip, unless you find someone dumping Chimera's Eyes for 50g...

  2. Just as players wished they would have had more Inferno Rubies saved up to sell after the last spikes (which is currently continuing on many servers), many players will wish they had way more Chimera's Eye gems saved up for selling new Prismatic Cut. Stock up now, or you will be paying the inflated prices once the epic gems are actually released.

    Most players that have 50-100 JC tokens saved up are doing it to get a jump on epic gem patterns, not to trade to the vendor for Chimera's Eye gems.

  3. I've thought about doing this, but I'm not confident that there will even be a prismatic gem this time. Wrath launched with two of them (green and blue quality) before adding an epic version in 3.2. They've also slimmed down the (already small) benefit for stacking your non-primary stat. Agility no longer giving dodge is just one example.

    Do you have a backup plan in case these aren't added to the game?
    Hybrid gems are more useful than ever with the addition of Mastery and better gem sockets/bonuses. This reduces the need for the prismatic to cover your meta requirements.

    So unless a prismatic boosts your primary stat more than the red gems, it seems unlikely people will use them (except for those who still believe you have to use a prismatic gem in prismatic slot). If they do give more than the red gems, Inferno demand would drop and people would only purchase the prismatics.


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