Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pattern: Deviate Scale Belt | Easy Gold For Veteran Leather Workers

WoW Leatherworking Pattern: Deviate Scale Belt
Deviate Scale Belt Pattern Is Gone

The Leatherworking pattern for Deviate Scale Belt has been removed from World of Warcraft.  It was once available from above the entrance to Wailing Caverns, but is no longer obtainable.  Yep!  The pattern is completely gone and unobtainable.  Those of us that already had the pattern can still find the pattern listed in our Leatherworking profession crafting recipes list.  Veteran Leatherworkers have a distinct advantage with this old Deviate Scale Belt pattern.  Newer leatherworkers cannot learn this pattern, so there will never be any   competition from new players.  And as veteran players quit the game, there will be even less players with access to crafting the Deviate Scale Belts.

Deviate Scale Belt

  • Pattern: Deviate Scale Belt Unobtainable
  • Veteran Leatherworkers Can Still Craft Deviate Scale Belt
  • Deviate Scales and Perfect Deviate Scales Are Still Available Within WoW
  • Perfect & Regular Deviate Scales Are Cheap To Purchase
  • Deviate Scale Belts Are Cheap To Craft
  • Deviate Scale Belts Continue to Sell On The Auction House
Many classes use the Deviate Scale Belt as it is a nice item for the item level.  Non-leather wearers also purchase these because there is no drawback for wearing non-ideal armor at low levels.  This has always been a highly sought after piece of twink gear as well, so PvP and twink friendly servers should see even more sales.

Scoop Up Those Perfect Deviate Scales

A Leatherworker should be in constant search for Perfect Deviate Scales on the auction house.  I like to buy mine when they are 2g or less each.  The regular Deviate Scales are pretty easy to come buy and are dirt cheap.  Having enough Perfect Deviate Scales to craft the Deviate Scale Belt is always the limiting factor.  If I pay 2 gold or less per Perfect Deviate Scale, then a Deviate Scale Belt costs me less than 15 gold to craft.  I commonly sold them for 35-45 gold.  Now that the Leatherworking pattern is no longer available, I am able to raise my price to 60 gold each.  No one else selling them currently means I have a monopoly and can set my prices.  I try to stay at a price level to keep a nice hefty profitable sale without getting too many returned belts to relist.

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  1. I would stay away from that one. Because the first random dungeons any starter character do, award Satchel of Helpful Goods. This will contain either a rare cape or a rare belt appropriate to the player's level. The belt is this one Vigorous Belt of either "the Bandit" (+5 agi/stam/crit) or "the Monkey"(+6 agi/stam). So I think there is competition for Deviate Scale Belt...but from the random dungeon rewards. Oh, and also don't forget the Belt of the Fang.

    But you are on the right track with leatherworking. I'll give you a hint : Barbaric Bracers. Best in slot starting from level 27 and not replaceable till level 36 *wink*

  2. Regardless of the belts in the dungeons bags, the deviate scale belts still sell well. As do barbaric bracers, which I've already posted about ;)

  3. I guess I am little late reading your post. Just jumped over to the Undermine Journal for my server and see that in the last 2 weeks, the scales have sold from 7s to 99s each, but the 4 current auctions have them between 44g and 77g. I guess someone else on my server reads this blog :p

  4. Add the Perfect Deviate Scales to your Snatch list along with Large Fangs (for Barbaric Bracers), then you can grab em up when they appear on the Auction House.

  5. Hi,

    i found this recipe in the bags of one of my old characters. What do you think? will anyone buy this pattern and for how much gold should i sell it?

    1. It's obsolete so it's a goo one to sell or buy cheap and flip. I'd recommend learning it yourself and selling belts. I'm selling 4-5 belts a week at 290g per belt, which is almost all profit because these are cheap to craft.

      If you already know the pattern and have an extra then trying flipping it for 10k. You should be able to get 5k min


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