Wednesday, August 3, 2011

RMT Options In Diablo 3 Money Making Auction House

Diablo 3 RMT Auction House Junkies Special Coming

The big news is still swirling around the release of the Diablo 3 RMT dual auction house system, which I mentioned in the previous post.  Wes (of Capped by Cata) and I are looking to discuss the Diablo 3 options and RMT (Real Money Transaction) possibilities in a special edition release of The Auction House Junkies Podcast.  Check out Wes's Diablo 3 teaser at WarcraftEcon.  We hope to have the Diablo 3 Special Edition of the Auction House Junkies Podcast recorded and out this week.  So be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for the Diablo 3 Auction House Special.  Are you excited about the new Diablo 3 Dual Auction House announcement too?

Diablo 3 RMT Money Making

Looking through the official Blizzard release about Diablo 3 and the new RMT auction house information got me thinking.  I have actual experience selling Diablo 2 game items on eBay for Real Money Transactions.  Hell, I've always made real money selling characters, accounts, and gear / items for Real Money Transactions for nearly all of the games that I played when I was younger (when the option was less popular and frowned upon less).  Games like Ultima Online, Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies, Diablo II, among many others were easy to profit off of in real life.  I've never sold gold in WoW or any other currency within a game, because those have always been clear cut violations. 

Selling your accounts, characters, and unique gear has always had a black market (or somewhat gray area market) that was faciliated by allowing those items to appear on eBay.  Those virtual loot auctions have seen been removed from eBay listing options, but now the RMT Auction House is coming in Blizzard's Diablo 3.  Yay for Blizzard.  This is really a win-win-win.  Players get to sell off gear for real cash to help pay for their other WoW virtual items and subscriptions, with an option to cash out for real money.  Blizzard gets to keep the game at a single purchase price without a monthly subscription and Blizzard gets to create the white market RMT auction house and they get to keep a tax for all items sold, as well as listing fees for RMT items listed.

Options For Diablo 3 RMT Profits

What Can Be Sold in Diablo 3?
Where Can Diablo 3 Items Be Sold?
  • RMT Auction House
  • Gold Currency Auction House
What About Hardcore Vs Softcore?
  • Hardcore - Hardcore Mode Diablo 3 characters can NOT use the RMT Auction House, only the Gold Currency AH.
  • Softcore - Softcore Mode Diablo 3 characters can access both the Gold Currency AH and the RMT AH.
Options To Making a Profit With Diablo 3

Here are the options that I have been able to come up with so far as to how we will be able to turn our Diablo 3 gaming experience into some real life profits with the RMT Auction House and the Dual Auction House System of Diablo III.

What Are My Choices For Making Cash In Diablo 3?
  • Farming gold to use for flipping items as well as selling outright
  • Farming items
  • Leveling characters to sell (characters can only be sold for gold, not on the RMT AH)
  • Buying underpriced items from the gold AH to sell  for more gold or for RMT cash
  • Flipping low priced gold AH items for more gold
  • Flipping low priced RMT cash AH items for even higher RMT cash prices
  • Buying underpriced items off the gold AH to flip for more gold

The typical players looks at their own ability to find and collect items to sell, where a goblin looks at using the auction house systems to turn a real life profit.  How profitable is far from being determined at this point, but it is a great topic to ponder and speculate over.  Hopefully more gaming companies will take the Diablo 3 strategy as a guide and allows some sort of real world profiteering options. 

This is just a teaser of some of the things Wes and I will be discussing on the upcoming Auction House Junkies Diablo 3 Special Edition.  Wes has never played Diablo and I'm experienced in the black market sales of Diablo 2 items.  Together we should have an excellent podcast episode for all of our Auction House Junkies' listening entertainment.

Remember:  Diablo 3 is not a subscription based game, so it's just the 1 $60 purchase  (plus any expansions).

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  1. "The typical players looks at their own ability to find and collect items to sell, where a goblin looks at using the auction house systems to turn a real life profit."

    Um, no. I have well over 1.5M WoW gold liquid, so I'm thinking I qualify as a "real goblin." I wouldn't sell it for what any reasonable person would offer for it in RL cash simply because I value it very highly for its own sake. Similarly, I could just take some of the real life overtime I pass up and earn enough extra scratch in a couple of months to buy a Spectral Tiger or whatever on eBay and sell it in-game for hundreds of thousands, but that seems silly. I don't see why any definition of a "real Goblin" should have anything to do with real-life currency at all.

  2. Um, the point is that a goblin minded individual doesn't look at just the gold and items to sell, but taking advantage of the whole AH System as a whole.

  3. I also don't see how you participating in black markets previously somehow makes you qualified to write about legit Auction Houses in Diablo III...

  4. If you don't see how having previous experience farming and selling similar items from a similar product (Diablo 2) is relevant, then you can go back to hiding under the bridge, troll boy.

    Having previous experience also is pre-hand knowledge of what item modifiers are the big sellers, like LifeSteal and MagicFind.

  5. I think most people disliking the whole idea of Diablo 3 having an auction house for real money are usually forgetting it is a choice and for normal mode only. I see the point of not being entitled to the gear you hold, but to me that's a weak excuse. Games a meant to be played for fun, not to extent your epeen and flash of your gear nonstop.

    Truth is this auction house is going to push in a whole new world into an already huge universe. It's going to be extremely awesome to see what the future holds.


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