Tuesday, August 16, 2011

WoW Reputation Grinding For Enchanting Recipes

WoW Reputation Levels

Reputation Grinding For Recipes

Within the World of Warcraft there are multiple reputations that can be raised with the various in game factions.  Becoming exalted with a specific faction is not always easy, but can be very rewarding.  Many times the quartermasters of a given faction will reward you at various reputation levels with the ability to purchase a recipe, schematic, or plan for a profession crafting recipe.  

Reputation Recipe Rarity

When a recipe requires a reputation to obtain, there are less players with that recipe.  Not everyone is willing to put out the extra effort to grind a reputation to the desired level that rewards the recipe.  Because not everyone will have the recipe, you can expect there to be less competition in trade chat and on the auction house.  Sometimes you will see Blizzard make changes to recipes and they become no longer available.  These types of recipes can be very rare and more rewarding after no one else can obtain the recipe in the future.  Although it isn't from a reputation quartermaster, Deviate Scale Belt is a great example of an item that still sells even after the recipe is no longer obtainable for newcomers to the Leatherworking profession(Since The Shattering).

What Professions Has The Best Options?

Of all of the professions in World of Warcraft, Enchanting is the one that benefits most from completing the multiple reputation grinds.  Not only are there a lot of recipes awarded to Enchanters from reputation quartermasters, but many of them are still viable sellers on the auction house.  The introduction of the BoA heirloom gear was a great benefit for Enchanters in WoW, since many of the Best-in-Slot enchants for the heirloom weapons and armor come from reputation grind recipes.  The Enchanter is by far the profession with the most reputation earned recipes that are still viable sellers in today's auction house market.  By collecting all of the reputation earned Enchanting recipes, you are able to get a nice foothold in the Enchanting scroll market that caters to twinks and BoA gear.

Argent Dawn:

Cenarian Circle:

Timbermaw Hold:

Thorium Brotherhood: 

Cenarian Expedition:

Honor Hold / Thrallmar:

Keepers of Time:

Lower City:

Shattered Sun Offensive:

The Consortium:

The Sha'tar:

The Violet Eye:

Are you missing any of these patterns on your Enchanter?  If so, make sure to research your server's auction house and see if you can make some gold with some of these reputation award Formulas.

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