Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gold Farmers Allow You To Buy Gold & Are Everywhere!

Do Not Buy WoW Gold, Buy A Gold Guide Instead

By no means am I a supporter of selling or buying gold in World of Warcraft.  For starters, buying and selling in-game gold are both offenses that can get your WoW account banned forever.  Secondly, it is too easy to learn to make gold on your own, especially if you are a reader of gold blogs and or a listener of gold making podcasts. 

If you really want to spend real world cash on gold, I would strongly encourage purchasing a quality gold guide instead.  If you buy a gold guide and learn the tactics for making gold yourself, you will not put your account in jeopardy and you will be able to make gold forever.  If you buy wow gold, then you will eventually run out of the gold you bought.  Then you will be forced to buy even more gold, since you learned nothing for sustaining your gold stream because you bought the gold instead of learning how to make gold from a gold guide or gold blogs.

Check out some of these great gold making guides instead of buying WoW gold.

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Gold Farmers Who Sell WoW Gold - Eye Witness Report

Last weekend I was taking my girlfriend to get her pedicure at a local nail salon and spa, when I ran across something I had never seen before in person.  This nail salon was ran by a Chinese family, as is common for nail shops in the US.  While waiting and observing the store, I noticed a younger Chinese man playing a game on his laptop.  Then I noticed that he had 4 more laptop computers scattered around the couches and counters around the waiting area.  I quickly realized he wasn't playing on the laptop in front of him, as he would constantly get up and attend to each of the various 5 laptops. 

I inched closer and got a peek at the computer screen closest to me.  Yep, exactly what I had pondered.  Each laptop was running 3-4 smaller windows of World of Warcraft and other games.  Each laptop had 3-4 bots farming gold and materials and this guy had a 5 laptop set-up.  That totals up to 15-25 bots working together to gather game gold and items to sell for real life cash.  I was sitting and waiting in the center of a full fledged multi-gaming gold farming operation, set up in the front of a St. Louis nail salon!  Who would have thought that my trip to get my girlfriend a pedicure would lead me to cross paths with a gold farming set-up?

Did I think to myself, "Oh, what an ingenious idea!"?  Nope.  I thought about what a scumbag this guy is contributing to ruining in-game economies across multiple games.  It was my first real look at the insights of an actual gold farmer and his gold farming operation and while it was interesting to me, it was also appalling at the same time.  Hell, maybe we will cross paths again inside Diablo III and their RMT auction house.

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