Monday, August 8, 2011

WoW Scribe Tricks - Dust of Disappearance Barking

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Dust of Disappearance

Dust of Disappearance is a great item for making gold on the WoW auction house.  The Dust of Disappearance is crafted by WoW Scribes using the Inscription profession.  Dust of Disappearance is required by players of all types to remove and rearrange glyphs once that player reaches level 81.  The market for Dust of Disappearance targets players level 81 or higher that are going to move glyphs in their chosen glyph combination.  This may be a player returning to the game, a new level 81, or a raider that swaps his glyphs around during the various raid boss encounters. 

Dust of Disappearance vs. Mysterious Fortune Card

The Dust of Disappearance is an extremely inexpensive market to enter, especially if you are already selling Mysterious Fortune Cards.  One Blackfallow Ink creates 3 Dust of Disappearance, so selling Dust of Disappearance goes hand in hand with the Mysterious Fortune Card Barking Business.  It's as easy as buying Cataclysm herbs,milling them into Blackfallow Inks, then crafting the Blackfallow Inks into Dust of Disappearance. 

Dust of Disappearance Barking

The key to making larger numbers of sales is Barking.  Just as Mysterious Fortune Cards sell much better when properly barked, the Dust of Disappearance works the same way.  This time you are educating your server that the Dust of Disappearance is available from the auction house, not just the Inscription Vendor.  Many players do not even realize that you can get the Dust of Disappearance from the auction house and that it is usually cheaper than buying the Dust of Disappearance from the vendor.  Even at the below vendor pricing, 3 Dust of Disappearance sells for more than a single Mysterious Fortune Card.

I use the following Dust of Disappearance bark in my barking rotation:
"Dust of Disappearance is Cheaper on the Auction House than from the Vendor.  Swap those Glyphs and Save Some Gold!  Check the AH now!"
From my own personal experience, I have seen the Dust of Disappearance barking technique work best on the weekends when there are more players on.  Players also tend to play alt characters over the weekend as well.  I continually use the Dust of Disappearance bark within my barking rotation.  Barking isn't only helpful for selling Mysterious Fortune Cards and Dust of Disappearance.

What items have you found that sell better when barked?

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  1. Cross-faction pet sales are a great example. Most people don't even realize that there is a GORGEOUS reward for 150 unique companion pets (let alone be able to reach it within a reasonable amout play-time). I use the mobile auction house coupled with a second account to xfer pets and then post and advertise them from my main account. I always make sure to bark the pet availability, post multiple of EACH pet from the opposite side (e.g. "ALL Alliance-only pets now available as low as Xg!"), and link the achievement and the reward. This almost always results in a few immediate sales and gets people thinking about their pet collections!

  2. I dont have any regular items that I bark and sell but here are my few thoughts on it:

    1. Reputation Quest Items like Time-lost scrolls or mushrooms in sporegar.. ppl usually are put - off by the grind and wont mind spending insane gold for these items. And barking makes a instant sale. I usually mention achieve / Item in trade to make sure intrested people grab it. My Time Lost scrolls have made me more than 5k on an occasion.. people would pay 20-50g for 1 piece.. :P (Yea i farmed a bit ..)

    2. The Emotion food Items. There are 4 with the dark chocolate being a difficult to get. Achievement hog grab these instantly.

    these are my thoughts.. awesome post.. have made gold even flipping the dust from vendors..

  3. I have had success in making the dirt cheap silk cloth we have in my server into 35g + gold by just making them into shirts and barking the crap out of them whole I make netherweave bags

  4. Ah great point!

    I make Rich Purple Silk Shirts and occasionally toss out barks for them as well. Mine too sell for 35 gold.

    What bark do you use Joeboy?

  5. Hey Cold.. I have not had a chance to email you my bark, I kinda wanted to write a blurb about how I make money from vanity items and such but time was not permitting it to happen.

    The standard bark i use is:

    /2 {star} Looking for Trendy Toons! Customized shirts on the AH now!

    I just bark that at odd occasions in between the crafting of netherweave bags. Still 15 sec a bag... LOL


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