Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Screw Inferno Rubies, I'm Stockpiling Dream Emeralds

The Race Towards New 4.2 Recipes

While many of my alts are still stuck at the starting line, even though they were well prepared and ready to race alts, my main is towards the front of the racing pack.  As you may have heard Wes (of and I discussing on a past episode of The Auction House Junkies Gold Making Podcast, I chose to race for the new patterns with my main character.  Since Cold is an Engineer, that means I'm racing to be one of the first sellers of  the new Engineering items from Patch 4.2.  Cold has advanced past the first phase of Firelands Invasion Dailies and has picked Shadows Wardens over Druids of the Talon.  I am only 1 day off of the fastest speed possible and I continue to find just enough minimum playtime to get his daily quests from the Molten Front and the Regrowth completed each and every day.  I want to be one of the first sellers of the new gun, but my main focus is on hoping to bank heavily on the new scope, Flintlocke's Woodchucker.

Dream Emeralds

Dream Emeralds sell horribly on my server.  I think the majority of them have been sold to vendors prior to the price drops on gems.  When they appear raw and uncut on the auction house, the prices can be pretty low.  I have been scooping these cheaply prices Dream Emeralds up because the demand for them is about to explode.  Once the new scopes are craftable on your server, you can expect those Dream Emeralds to be much harder to find.  So stock up now, while the short-sighted players haven't been planning ahead.

Why I Am Stockpiling Dream Emeralds

  • The new Flintlocke's Woodchucker scopes each require 2 Dream Emeralds to craft.
  • Every single hunter out there will be buying a new scope or having one crafted.
  • Tons of scopes will sell to mains and every alt hunter.
  • This recipe does NOT require any BOP items to craft.
  • The raw Dream Emerald price will rise as some players look to buy the materials and have the item crafted by an Engineer.  You did learn about supplying both purchasers and shoppers right?
The biggest benefit of racing with my Engineer first is that the biggest money maker (Flintlocke's Woodchucker) requires zero Living Embers and zero Chaos Orbs.  All of the other new weapon patterns do require Living Elements Chaos Orbs, which is going to be a major choking point for mass crafting of the new weapons.  Even worse is the dreamcloth chokepoint for the bags, since they are still BOP and take a full week to make.  Most people would probably pick Blacksmithing first, since there are so many options with the new recipes.  I think that as an Engineer, I will have much more profits before the Blacksmith is even able to create a handful of items to sell.  Plus Engineering is the least used profession, which helps limit the competition and opens up a better selling opportunity.  

Who's With Me On This One?


  1. None of the recipes unlocked through dailies require any Living Embers. Chaos Orbs, at most, which are hardly new. Furthermore you refer to them as Living Embers first, then Living Elements. Not having a good day, Cold? You're usually pretty spot-on!

  2. The new bag patterns dont require living embers.

  3. "All of the other new patterns do require Living Elements, which is going to be a major choking point for mass crafting of the new weapons."

    I'm guessing you meant to say Living Embers but still everywhere I've read about the new weapons need chaos orbs not Living Embers?

  4. right beside you mate :)

    I looked at the new stuff as well and decide my eng was going to be the toon that will get done everyday no matter what if there's a day I'm pushed for time.

    Been piling up the mats for awhile now so hopefully ill be set to sell quite a few ;)

  5. The patterns you learn from the daily quest vendors, do not require living embers, they require chaos orbs - at least that is how they are listed on both MMO-champion & Wowhead. If both those sites are correct, I think the only choking point will possibly be truegold.

  6. The 365 plans from the dailies don't require any embers either, just chaos orbs. I feel like the bs items will be much better gold makers assuming you are running heroics anyways for VP. Your scopes will probably have better margins percentage wise at the beginning, but It only takes 1-2 aggressive competitors before they get razor thin. You talk about not being mass craftable like its a bad thing. The BS pieces will have alot less competiton precisely for that reason, and its not unreasonable to expect 1- 2k per orb for each piece crafted.

    Its also probably worth mentioning that the emeralds are the least of the component costs. Anybody who also does the ore shuffle will have a boatload of these. The price might go from 5g to 15g, wooopeee.

  7. This is a terrible idea. You'll need Dream Emeralds to craft the scope, but they'll always be dirt cheap. Finally having one single use in game, applicable to only one class, will not raise the price of Dream Emeralds significantly beyond vendor value.

    There was moderate pre-existing demand for cut Amberjewels and Ocean Sapphires and the demand for the new PvP jewelry is vastly greater than the demand for Hunter scopes will be, and the PvP jewelry requires more raw gems to craft, yet the price of Amberjewel and Ocean Sapphire has not been affected by the introduction of PvP jewelry.

  8. Thanks for the tip!;) I am defo gonna do that!

  9. Thanks for catching the couple of typos. I got rushed as I was wrapping up my last paragraph as the time clock was expiring and everyone was leaving work. I rocked out my last paragraph and forgot to proofread it before slating it to go live.

    Sorry about that, I corrected the 2 typos. Yes, I meant Chaos Orbs will be a limiting factor since they are not BOE yet.

    If you think hunters aren't going to be buying these new scopes you are just plain crazy.

  10. Yes, but Hunter's only account for 11% of the max level character population. Considering how many of these things people have clogged up in their mailboxes or gathering dust in their guildbank, I don't think the scopes will be enough to make a noticeable dent in the supply. It's like the Hypnotic Dust of the rare gem world.

  11. Dream Emeralds are already up on many servers due to the new JC necks/rings, greater demand for cut gems, increased ore prices AND people stockpiling for the new scope / gun.

  12. The CURRENT good scope also requires 2 Dream Emeralds and the price is still shit on most servers, I see no reason this will create a long-term change.

    Also, wrong even with the edit, not all the new crafted take Chaos Orbs.

    I'm also confused about how you say you're going for this instead of Blacksmithing, as the same vendor sells both, so they would be unlocked at the same time:

  13. I actually do sell a decent number of these cut on my server, but I probably sitting on 600-1000 in my guild bank. My main is an engineer, so I will be getting it sooner rather than later. I need to start running more heroics for orbs.

  14. @Faid

    "I'm also confused about how you say you're going for this instead of Blacksmithing, as the same vendor sells both, so they would be unlocked at the same time"

    Huh? Unless unlocking on your main has changed to unlock the vendors for all of your characters, you have to unlock it individually for each character. You won't be getting Eng & BS patterns at the same time unless you are an ENG/BS.

    And ok, the bags dont take orbs, but they take dreamcloth, which is even more of a limiting factor.

    I've also done a post about selling the hell out of those current scopes for hundreds of gold "that are still shit" as you put it.

    There is less and less ore prospected every day. which is slowly drying up the supplies. By the time the vendors are unlocked on your server, the supplies will be even lower. I'm saying stock up before the prices start to rise on you, as they have already started to do on some servers.

  15. Useless post. Look at the current scopes on the market, they sell for shit and people rarely buy them.

    Have fun getting rid of 30 stacks of dream emeralds in a decent time frame ( more like months )

    Also, nice job on the typos/mistakes, it shows you how much you research your articles.

  16. Man, what's with all the hate? If you don't want to take the tip, don't take it.

    Personally, I don't really play the AH much yet but am interested. I may swipe a few DEs if they are cheap just to see what happens.

    Thanks for the tip!

  17. Any of you doubters that are judging potential scope sales compared to the current scope sales are being rather foolish.

    You can't compare the price or sales of a trainer or vendor taught craftable that is commonly mass produced by leveling engineers to a new end-game BiS scope that has the recipe locked behind a level 85 minimum requirement, pre-quest requirements, phasing, and a months worth of the new dailies.


  18. @Cold - I agree that the Scopes will sell very, very consistently, and likely for a decent profit. There is still no need to stockpile Dream Emeralds because the price of Dream Emeralds will not increase.

    @MoxNix -
    "Dream Emeralds are already up on many servers..."

    How many servers do you speak for? Where do you get your data?

    "...due to the new JC necks/rings,..."

    The new JC PvP recipes do not require Dream Emeralds.

    "...greater demand for cut gems, increased ore prices..."

    Maybe, but show me a player who sockets green gems and I'll show you a gold-poor illiterate.

    "AND people stockpiling for the new scope / gun."

    False. No one is doing this but Cold.

    Every ore shuffler in Warcraft has a *too many green gems" problem. They had no value in The Burning Crusade, they had no value in Wrath of the Lich King, and they have had and will continue to have no value in Cataclysm. Eventually Alchemists will be able to transmute three per day into an epic gem of a different color.

    Dream Emeralds are best sold uncut, in bulk, for whatever pittance over vendor value the Auction House can support that day. And you'll still end up vendoring them when you have over 10 stacks because Dream Emeralds DO NOT SELL.

  19. "And ok, the bags dont take orbs, but they take dreamcloth, which is even more of a limiting factor."

    The very bag I linked takes neither orbs nor dreamcloth. :|

    In your post you've basically said "By choosing my engineer (I'm not sure why you're choosing anyways, as you can do all these dailies quite quickly on many alts) I will come out better than the person who chose to do Blackmithing because I can make items right away."

    Well, if you take the fact that things like the already mentioned leatherworking bags take easily farmed materials (Assuming you trade up to Pristine Hides) and combine that with people like myself who have over 100 Chaos Orbs and no, I'm sorry, you're not getting a leg up at all. If you've chosen to do Engineering over BS (Granted, I still don't see how this calculates as if they're on the same character you can do them at the same time and if they're on different characters you can unlock the same vendor on both toons) all you're really doing is getting, what, two schematics while other people are getting many more craftables?

    And think about the people who use things like plate gear, or bags, or cloth gear, or leather gear. The pool to sell to is large. Only hunters use scopes (And the people like me who hate it when their warriors don't "pass the audit" on the armory) and the gun you get the ability to make is less-desirable than things like the trash drop from Firelands or the weapons from hard mode T11. (And Atramedes HM is a push over!)

  20. @Pikkle: To be fair I (and almost any tank) use three green gems to activate my meta. I believe they're also popular in PvP, though I don't PvP so I can't be sure on that.

    (Sorry for the double post, that one wasn't up when I was typing my previous.)

  21. @Faid I've already posted that I haven't had the time lately to push all of my alts as I do have a job in real life and am working tons of hours of overtime. That lead me to picking 1 crafter to race with.

    Sure if I was unemployed, a student on summer break, or someone with no commitments outside of the game, I would be running all of my characters through the daily quests every day, but that's not the case and has already been established.

    And I also am referring back to the discussion I had with Wes on AHJ that was if you could only choose one alt to race with, which profession would you first cover?

    How many Dream Emeralds are still floating around after the last 2 patches. I think most people have been vendoring them like mad prior to the price drops, and a shortage could be incoming. There already is a shortage of new ores being placed on the auction house on my server.

  22. Selling uncut dream emeralds in bulk is not the only way to profit with them. Puissant Dream Emerald is a consistent seller on my server;albeit, not as profitable as cut inferno rubies, but still a steady income. The ore shuffle is still alive and strong on my server with elementium selling for around 35g/stack on average and obsidium for around 45g/stack on average. The abundance if still there and, therefore, prices haven't fluctuated.

  23. There are hundreds floating around still, most people would rather stick them in a bank to gather dust than vendor them.

    Looking at the population on my server, there are 615 hunters lvl 85 on my realm. I have enough DE's *right now* to make 102 scopes. There's upwards too 80 of them available at one time on my AH, for another 40 hunter's fed. Without taking into account the DE's clogging up other's banks and mailboxes (and possibly my own that's on my cold storage account) and the fact that not every hunter is going get these straight away, because lets face it, a lot will be alts, there simply won't be the demand to dry up the supplies. The warriors and rogues won't be able to use them at all because they are hunter only. The last crippling blow is green cuts are the slowest moving in the game, so we can't even hope for a surge in demand from cuts either.

    There simply is too much supply and too little demand for DE's to budge

  24. >I think that as an Engineer, I will have much more profits before the Blacksmith is even able to create a handful of items to sell.

    Since I've been farming chaos orbs on my pally tank BS, I'll have them as soon as the vendor opens. So...doubtful.

    I'd probably keep a stack or two, just because I'd like to have things on hand rather than having to hunt or prospect for them (mind you, my Eng is still 75 so I'm not in the race). But more than that, I think, would be overkill.

  25. 5 Chaos Orbs per gun is a hurdle for me since I only recently switched to Engy. My hunter who's an engy has 15 but he's an alt and is a few day behind. @ Faid... An enchant that gives you 1050 AP every 50 seconds for 10 seconds. That's why I chose Engineer. The belt enchant that absorbs 18000 damage is a life saver at times but the 5 min cd sucks.

  26. I've got enough dream emeralds on a bank alt to make 10 woodchuckers for every hunter on the NA realms.

    This is an absurdly bad idea. Anybody that seriously cuts and shuffles ore has more of these things than they could use in 10 lifetimes.


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