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Fire Prism Strategy and Epic Gem Speculation

Will Fire Prism Contain Epic Gems?
The Fire Prism

A Fire Prism is crafted by Jewelcrafters and is limited to crafting only one per day.  The Fire Prism takes 3 of each uncommon gem to craft and is therefore a very expensive Jewelcrafting item to craft.  Those gems can be used in more efficient ways to make a profit on the World of Warcraft auction houses in Azeroth.  The benefit of crafting the Fire Prism is that it will produce multiple rare gems and a chance at containing a Chimera's Eye.  The rare gems contained inside the Fire Prism rarely are worth the value of the uncommon gems being used to create the Fire Prism.  Of course, you can get the occasional nice Fire Prism that contains 3 Inferno Rubies and a Chimera's Eye in the 1 Fire Prism, but those are rare occurances. 

Epic Gems Speculation

There is much speculation about the introduction of epic gems into the current World of Warcraft player environment.  As of right now there is no evidence of anything related to epic gems and the epic gem patterns.  Everything is purely speculative at this point in regards to epic gems.
  • When will epic gems be introduced into WoW?
  • Will epic gems even be added?
  • If epic gems are added, where will they come from?
  • If epic gems are added, who will sell the epic gems recipes?
  • What will be the required currency for buying the epic gem recipes?
  • Will Pyrite Ore be prospected into epic gems?
  • Will Fire Prism have a chance to create epic gems?
Fire Prism To Contain Epic Gems?

Today we are looking at the Fire Prism and speculating on the future of epic gems coming from inside Fire Prisms.  I know of at least one follower that has been stockpiling his Fire Prisms unopened in the bank.  Currently he has around 50 unopened Fire Prisms stored up.  Why?  In Wrath of the Lich King, Icy Prism had the ability to create epic wrath gems when opened.  Assuming the similar fate for the Cataclsym equivalent, Fire Prisms will probably have a chance to create epic Cataclysm gems when opened. 

If epic gem creation is patched and added to Fire Prisms, then the Fire Prism will be a much more profitable item to craft, especially when epic gems are first introduced and the demand is outrageously high.  This reader will have a lot of Fire Prisms all ready to be opened with a chance for each Fire Prism to contain epic gems.  These epic gems could provide the jump start and early advantage to profitting from the first days of epic gem sales.

I am in agreement that eventually Fire Prisms will have a chance to contain epic gems.  Of course this is speculation, but it is based off of the historical change to Icy Prisms.  The area that I start to ponder is whether the pre-crafted Fire Prisms will contain the epic gems.  When are the contents of the Fire Prism set?  Is it when the item is created or are the contents set when the Fire Prism is opened?  I don't know for sure, so I haven't been crafting any Fire Prisms myself to store for later.  This is an option for consideration, if you like to take risks.  At this point I can't say that it is a guaranteed effective strategy, but is an option for you to consider.  It could be worth stocking up the unopened Fire Prisms or it could be a waste of materials and bank space.  We just don't know yet, but that's what speculation is all about.  It's trying to figure out ahead of time what we think will eventually happen with epic gems.

Anyone else been secretly stockpiling these unopened Fire Prisms?
Got any other fresh ideasin regards to epic gems speculation?

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  1. if i remember correctly cold, this was an issue in wrath with the introduction of epic gems and the contents are determined at the time the prism is made, not the date it's opened. same story, different expansions.

  2. If I understand this correctly, it may be useless to stockpile the fire prisms before epic gems are implemented. I believe that the loot table for the prisms is generated at the time they are created. So if epic gems are not yet in the game, they will not be included in the prism loot table and therefore the prisms created now will never proc epic gems.

    If I am wrong, please correct me! In the meantime, it still seems like a very expensive proposition to burn up all the potential profit in the gems you'd use to create prisms right now on the chance that they'd eventually proc an epic.

  3. The prisim's contents are determined on the crafting of it. Not when it is opened. I would think it a waste to "stockpile" them

  4. Currently the only "good" use of Fire Prisms is to slowly level through the last few levels of Jewelcrafting.

  5. I disagree with Illtree. My opinion (as is his comment :. not fact until proven) is that there is no way that blizztard will keep a track of every fire prism's craft date.

    Every single fire prism in the world will have an ID so it can be determined when it was created? I don't think so.

    The contents determined when it is created? No, this would be a HUGE overhead on the fire prism 'object'. Far simpler to call a 'content generation' method on the object when it is 'called'.

    I don't even think Blizz would go to the trouble of having 2 different fire prisms. One crafted before patch 4.3(or whatever) and one crafted after.

    Therefore it would be far more sensible and likely that the contents would be determined by a one off call to a RNG when the fire prism is opened.

    I am so convinced of this I am going to start stockpiliing.

  6. They went through several iterations fixing this with Icy Prisms last expansion. At one point the loot was generated at the time of opening. Once this was fixed, some people found that the loot re-generated every server reset. Once that was fixed, someone found that you could re-generate the loot with a server transfer... and on, and on.

    As of now the Icy Prism loot is determined at time of creation, and there's no known method of re-generating. I imagine the Fire Prisms operate the same way.

  7. Loot container contents is rerolled whenever a major patch is deployed. A recent example is the guy who saved pumpkin bags from halloween last year and opened one recently to get an updated weapon. As a result, Blizzard changed those bags to disappear after the event.

    They could change the profession skill to craft prisms with a new itemid if epic gems are introduced so that previously created prisms do not have a chance to contain epic gems.

  8. Blizzard always has to hot fix things that they don't catch ahead of time. Just think of the BOE droprates in the new content. Didn't they learn from the crazy drop rates in ZA/ZG the first week?

    And...We also were not supposed to be able to sell Lovely charms on the AH, but I was.

  9. Here are my thoughts. I was the one who was asking Cold about this and prompted his post. From the sounds it no one really knows what is going to happen. It's a gamble and a fun gamble. Some people liked the Mysterious Fortune card game, I chose this. If I hit big I'm a superstar, if not...well I'm just out some gold. I got most of these gems for cheap during the whole "shuffle". I made more than my money back on ore I bought and these were leftovers.


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