Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Firelands Vendors Offer Auctioning Opportunities

The Firelands Vendors

Now that players are moving past the initial Firelands Daily quests and have unlocked both the Druids of the Talon and the Shadow Wardens quests, many WoW players are moving onto unlocking the new Firelands vendors with their Marks of the World Tree.  Once you have spent the 300 Marks of the World Tree on unlocking both the Druids of the Talon and the Shadow Wardens, you will need 125 more Marks to open each of the next 3 phases.  Each complete quest takes the 125 Marks and unlocks 1 new Molten Front vendor that was previously locked behind phasing. 

Phasing Quests and Unlocking Vendors
In addition to offering profession recipes and vanity companions and vanity items, these vendors all 3 offer epic gear.  Many players will be purchasing these epic gear upgrades as soon as each vendor is unlocked.  We want to be able to fully capitalize on this easy to acquire epic gear.  Players will unlock these vendors, buy the gear, then go straight to the auction house to enhance their new gear with belt buckles, enchants, gems and other items.  Let's take a look at what type of gear is available from these vendors and what we should be selling on the auction house to associate with this gear.

Varlan sells mail agility boots, Rogue / Druid leather gloves, and 2 relics.
Damek sells Shaman Boots, Holy Paladin gloves, cloth caster gloves, 3 belts, and plate tanking bracers.
Ayla sells a caster off-hand and 2 relics.

So in total we will be seeing an influx of the following enhanceable items:
  • 4 Relics
  • 1 Caster off-hand
  • Tank bracers
  • 2 Boots (1 Hunter and 1 Shaman)
  • 3 Belts
  • 3 Gloves (1 Rogue / Hunter, 1 Holy Pally, 1 Cloth Caster)
How To Be Prepared On The AH

You want to be providing the common enchants that are going to be added onto these new easily acquired epic item upgrades as well as be fully stocked on the varous gem cuts as many of these items have gem sockets to fill.  One thing I can't stress enough, is providing as many Nightmare's Tear prismatic gems as you can.  All of the Relics contain a prismatic socket and a lot of players still think you need to buy a prismatic gem for a prismatic socket.  I simply cannot find enough Dragon's Eye's to meet the Nightmare Tear demand, even with them selling for 275-300 gold each.  They don't last longer than an hour or so before they are sold out.  Stock up on Ebonsteel Belt Buckles if they are still profitable on your server as there are the 3 epic belts available from these vendors also.  The scrolls +50 Int to an off-hand could also see a slight increase in sales.  Stock up on your standard caster glove enchants and for the Rogue / Hunter glove option don't forget the Wrath Enchant for +20 Agi to gloves.  +50 Dodge and +50 Str both to bracers have also been selling like hotcakes with the easy to obtain tanking bracers available from the Firelands vendors.  Lavawalker to boots is another big mover right now as I am selling 2-3 a night easy.  So take a look at what enchants and enhancements you can create and get to profitting off of all of these vendor bought upgradeable gear.

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