Sunday, July 31, 2011

Reader Response To Yesterday's Post

Blogger Warning Revisited

Reader Response To Yesterday's Post

I read your article about some bloggers using their wiles to control the market. One post from sprang to mind.  

The post is called enchant gloves gatherer and pattern herbalist leather gloves. Read it Here. After reading the post and being horde, I thought wow! If I could snag that pattern and use my leatherworker to craft it, I would be one of the only horde on my server with the pattern. I don't play Alliance at all, so a cross faction trade is not feasible for me. I posted in trade for a couple weeks with no results, many had never even heard of the pattern, so I regularly checked both my faction and neutral ah for the pattern. Finally! I snagged the pattern and immediately made several pair of these gloves to make back the paltry 400g I paid for them.

My next step was to have a friend make me some gatherer enchants. I had my macro for trade ready advertising a plus 10 herbalism glove, along with plus five mining and skinning. To my dismay I was so caught up in the brilliant scheme I had read about, I didn't realize that it was impossible to put gatherer on the herbalist gloves; the ilvl of the gloves was too low. So gatherer plus herbalist gloves equals impossible. But I did find the rare and elusive enchant gloves advanced herbalism which does work on the herbalist gloves. But even after selling in trade with the enchant, even after enticing taurens with a massive plus 25 herb bonus with my gloves and their racial, I wasn't able to get over 150 gold for the set.

The post also mentions that the glove enchant gatherer is sellable for around 150 gold if there isn't any competition. On my server Eonar, gatherer sells for between 15 and 60 gold on average. So with that post the site went from being a trusted source in my opinion, to something I read and quickly research the posters info and reference it with other sites before I act on it. Of course I probably should have done that anyway : p

Thanks for the interesting post,


Thanks R.C. for the response.  As I stated in yesterday's post, "Play smart and research your markets independant of what you read on gold blogs."  With tools like The Undermine Journal, we can double check references as well as compare various ideas within the most important factor: Our Own Server.  Some strategies will work on one server and will fail horribly on another. 


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