Thursday, July 28, 2011

WoW Auction House Tip: Otherworldly Bags

WoW Auction House Tip: Otherworldly Bag
Otherworldly Bag

Crafting profession bags is usually a profitable market to enter into on the WoW auction house and the Otherworldly Bag is no different.  The Otherworldly Bag is a 36 slot Enchanting Bag that is crafted by the Tailoring Profession and becomes available to leveling tailors at Tailoring skill level 480.  I sell them for around 400 gold each, but TUJ is showing that's on the lower end of what many other servers' WoW auction houses are seeing. 

I originally skipped over crafting many of these on my main tailor.  She was leveling early in Cataclysm, so she was making the gathering profession bags as opposed to these, since the demand for gathering bags was much higher at the start of Cataclysm.  Recently I have leveled my secondary Tailor far enough to be able to craft Dreamcloth for easy skill ups and I made a handful of these Otherworldly Bags on the grind up.  As is already known, I don't believe in powerleveling just for speed purposes because it is usually a waste of gold.  I stick to a common commodity crafting approach, which the Otherworldly Bags fit right into. 

The beauty of these bags is that they are a Cataclysm top end Enchanting bag and they take some old Wrath Enchanting materials to craft.  That's right!  These are a great way to unload some of those old Wrath Enchanting materials that you may have hidden in your guild bank. 

An Otherworldly Bag requires:
  • 9 Bolts of Embersilk Cloth
  • 1 Dream Shard
  • 4 Greater Cosmic Essence
  • 8 Hypnotic Dust
So dust off some of those old Wrath materials and put them to good use:  sales on the WoW auction house.

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