Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nine 10-19 Bracket Greens Going Blue

Cataclysm changes are coming and those changes will include the upgrade or downgrade or re-levelization of many items.  Here are 9 currently green BOE items that are turning into blue BOEs and getting big upgrades to their stats.  So these are 9 items, I would be snatching up for very cheap prices to flip to all the new characters and twinks.  If you run across these items, don't disenchant them.  Save them and resell for a lot more than you originally paid.

The 9 I would snatch are:

Current Green Item                Current Green Stats                          New Blue Stats
Blackened Defias Gloves (Lthr)           3 Str / 1 Sta                               4 Agi / 6 Sta
Foreman's Gloves            (Lthr)          10 Ap                                        5 Agi / 5 Exp
Metalworking Gloves       (Lthr)          3 Str / 1 Sta                               6 Agi / 4 Sta
Woodworking Gloves      (Lthr)          3 Int / 2 Spi                               6 Int / 4 Sta
Stonemason Cloak                              3 Sta                                         3 Str / 5 Sta
Foreman's Leggings           (Mail)         3 Str / 3 Agi / 3 Sta                   7 Str / 7 Sta
Goblin Mail Leggings          (Mail)        4 Str / 3 Sta                              8 Str / 6 Sta
Blackened Defias Leggings (Lthr)         3 Str / 3 Agi                              7 Agi / 7 Sta
Blackened Defias Boots     (Lthr)         3 Agi / 2 Sta                              6 Agi / 4 Sta

So you can see plenty of worthwhile increase on these items.  If you see them for cheap, snatch them up and hold onto them.

Be sure to read the follow-up post about these greens gone blue an how profitable this Cataclysm gold making strategy turned out.


  1. Seem very interesting... but can you source your information ? Have you see that in the beta data files ? In game ? Anywhere else ?

  2. I get info from various twink forums and communities as well as my own research thru sites like wow.confidential and wowhead which both have data mines.

    Just like we know shadowfang is getting nerfed in cataclysm. Go to wowhead or wow.confidentail and do a serach for an item current and a search for the cataclysm version. This way you can find items that will be losing or gaining stats and or value

  3. So you think these items will go from green to blue automatically and receive the stat upgrades? It might be more likely that there will be a "legacy" version of the item and an "updated" version that drops from the newly revisited content. I think that's how Blizzard has handled it in the past, but I still may wander over there and grab a few sets and bank them just in case. :)

  4. No, they will be instant upgrades as has happened in the past.

  5. How about their drop rate? will be the same or lower?

  6. Well the patch has arrived and I can confirm that all of the above items I managed to buy beforehand have now changed to blues. Now to sell the 100+ items I purchased :D. Thanks again for the tip!

  7. ya awesome strat. Grabbed a pile of them. 1 pair of the gloves mentioned above did not change. Maybe it was the blackened defias gloves?


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