Tuesday, September 14, 2010

X-53 From Trade Chat

So I already own a Zevhra, but I have always wanted to try out one of the X-53 Touring Rockets, which are the current award from the Recruit-A-Friend program.  Never having anyone to refer, I was supprised to see someone selling the mount in trade chat.  Well, he couldn't sell me the mount iteself, but he was selling a RAF linkage and he had gametime cards ready to add gametime to his new account.  Hrm...Sounded legit.  He was asking 15k gold in game.  I would get the Mount for 15k, but also I would get the Free Game Time for 1 Month, which is another bonus of finding someone to recruit.  Have 10 characters all over level 70, the RAF level bumps would be pointless to me anyways.  So he provided me with his email, and I sent him the RAF link through my BNet account.  In order to do this as legit as possible, he asked for 5k once it showed I had a free month of game time, then the other 10k once the mount was showing as mine.  All he had to do was add the gametime cards he had and the mount was mine.  After verifying I gave him the rest of the gold and completed the deal.  So looking at the purchase:

I spent 15,000 gold.
For my gold I got:
1 Month of Game Time Free
1 X-53 Touring Rocket

Not a bad deal in my opinion.  Sure beats having to pay for a second account as I got in game and out of game benefits for only in game gold.  *cheers*

Now time to get some lowbies in the back seat, while i eject out and parachute to safety as I watch them go splat.  Let the fun begin.


  1. Eh I've heard stories where people buy mounts of trade chat like this, and they let you have the mount for a week or so, at that point the charge back ( they ask paypal for their money back ) and you get screwed out of your mount and free 1 month.

    Just be careful who you deal with, it's happened to more than 1 person on my server.

  2. One of my favorite mounts. I actually recruited someone when it was still the Zhevra but forgot to redeem right away.

    Just for reference though, you don't have to eject to send them flying. It's just like the mammoth. If you right-click on their dot, there is an option to "Eject passenger".

    Not to long after I got it, a guildie decided he was going to take a break for a few months. I offered him a ride before he logged out the last time. When he was ready to log out, I made sure I was not quite over the edge of Dalaran.

    He logged back in a the first time a couple months later and hilarity ensued.

  3. Interesting. I saw several ads for this over on my server this weekend as well. I have a feeling more than one seller was out there, so they cut their prices down to 10,000 in-game gold or USD35. I will never pay real money for this sort of thing, so decided to fork out the 10k gold. As you said, the seller was polite and asked for half the amount before and after the mount was processed.

    Apparently I was so nice to deal with that the seller offered me commission to refer more people to this.

    I am still somewhat skeptical about the whole deal, and after reading what Mageshadow posted, will keep an eye on things. After all, it'll only be a 10k lesson learnt if things go that way.

  4. I will report back, if a charge back occurs. Hopefully this guy was legit, it was a non-level 1 character though.

  5. From what I've gathered, these accounts/game time cards are gathered through the use of stolen credit cards or something of the sort. I've seen them in trade also and have been sorely (sorely) tempted to go for it, but being somewhat paranoid when it comes to online security it just screams like something fishy to me.

    I think the idea is that they give you the rocket and the account, and in return, they now have your Battle.net email. :|

  6. Not true. I tested it myself by sending myself an invitation. The invite comes from this email:


    So they can't get your bnet email this way.

  7. I've purchased one myself on Alexstrasza when I talked the guy down to 10k, after I purchased mine he asked if I knew of anyone that would want it, slightly suspicious at that I told him no, he immediately went back to trade chat and spammed to sell more...I can't see how this is an honest player he claims to be "stocking up for cataclysm and gdkp runs", I have to agree with the stolen credit card theory

  8. I purchased the same mount last night for 16K. Everything occured just as described by Cold.

    So far I am very happy with the purchase.

  9. Any update on this? Did you keep the mount or lose it?

  10. UPDATE: My free month of game time concluded today and I still have my free mount. So this was a legit deal.

  11. Excellent. I purchased one today for 15k also and even though it's only 15k I hate losing gold! Cheers!

  12. Hi guys,

    i bought the mount and like said, the account was charged back

    account Action: 72 Hour Suspension
    Reason for Action: Terms of Use Violation -- Exploitative Activity: Abuse of the Economy

    This suspension happened because one or more characters on the account were identified exchanging, or contributing to the exchange of, in-game property (items or gold) for ""real-world"" currency. This exchange process negatively impacts the World of Warcraft game environment by detracting from the value of the in-game economy.

    Even if this behavior is the result of a third party accessing the account instead of the registered user (for example, a friend, family member, or leveling service) then the account can still be held responsible for the penalty because of the impact it had on the game environment.

    was what i got for the mount and it got removed.

  13. Dang man! Sorry to hear. Try at your own risk then. I still have mine and now problem. Was it a legit exchange?

  14. I bought one for me and one for my GF at 10k each. Then I got one for my alt. So far so good. So then other night I see another one being advertised, and I strike up a conversation. I manage to make a deal, to just get the free month of gametime for 4k. So I bought 4. I'm now paid up thru May. The person I dealt with said there are various competitors and that some Dealers will give you competitve rates if you negotiate. If I ever get a warning or a ban, I'll post back here and let the world know.

  15. I've got some trouble with people selling game cards...

    I've bought 2 of 30 days each and the guy give me the codes and i've added them to my account...

    "wow.... now i have 2 months to get the gold paid back"

    Do you know what happened?

    Two days after the game time in my account just disappeared...

    I don't know what happened, the guy probably called blizzard and get the codes back to him...

    Result: -10k gold in my account.

  16. I did this and had good results, same deal but for 10k.

  17. So I saw a guy spam this on my server as well. I did the whole motion as many of you did as well. Sent him the recruit invite, saw him activate went in game and received my mount. I thought it seemed fishy so right then i googled it and saw a bunch of TOU stuff about it. So i told him im not trading him any gold cuz it violates the TOU. and he said 'thats ok, np" hahaha. Think there is still a risk of trouble and/or account compromise?


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