Monday, September 27, 2010

Twilight Bosses Loot

Twilight Bosses Loot

251 Shield - Melee Off Hand - Barrier of the Earth Princess

251 Plate - Heal Waist - Girdle of Oblation

251 Plate - - Melee Chest - Tectonic Plate

251 Plate - Melee Chest  - Salamander Skin

251 Plate - Melee Wrist  - Twilight Offering Bands

251 Mail - Physical DPS Legs - Sacrificial Mail

251 Leather - Heal Feet - Flamewaker's Treads

251 Leather - Physical DPS Chest - Pulmonary Casing

251 Cloth - Heal Chest - Earth Bride's Gown

251 Cloth - Physical DPS Back - Cloak of Mocking Winds

251 Cloth - Spell DPS Back - Zaetar's Deathshroud

251 Cloth - Spell DPS Feet - Sandfury Sandals

251 Finger - Melee Finger - Old Gods' Blessing

251 Finger - Physical DPS - Sulfuron's Favor

251 Finger - Spell DPS - Ring of the Three-Headed Beast

251 Neck - Heal - Pendant of Burning Spirits

251 Neck - Melee - Flamelash Amulet

251 Neck - Physical DPS - Amulet of the Centauri

251 Neck -Spell DPS - Amulet of Evil Winds

The Bosses
Above is the list of loot dropped by the 4 Twilight Bosses that will be available during phase 3 of the Cataclysm pre-events. These bosses will be available once the major cities are defended from the elemental invaders. You access the bosses via the dungeon queue or through the portal that appears in the major cities after the elementals are defeated.

The Drops
There are some excellent items here, but all are item level 251, which means Frost badge and ICC gear will not be replaced. These will be excellent items for alts though. Many people originally get initial gear for their alts during holiday events and this should be no different. There are going to be many excellent upgrades for all of our level 80 alts that are undergeared and more easily obtainable gear for those that are behind in the gear progression.

The Impact
Once the elemental invasion is on the live servers, I would expect to see a rise in the sale of gems, as many players will be getting item level 251 upgrades. Also the sale of BoE item level 245 gear should grind to a halt since these bosses will be dropping gear that will replace most of those popular crafted epics. Crafted plate gear that will be less desirable include Saronite Swordbreakers, Titanium Razorplate, and Breastplate of the White Knight. The other crafting professions have similar replacements as well. If you have any of the soon to be obsolete patterns, then dump them now. The are losing value already due to the expansion ending. These drops will only help to make them much less desirable. If you are a recipe collector, hold out until after this event goes live to save some gold on your purchases. Titanium Shield Spikes and Saronite Belt Buckles may see a slight increase in movement, if the belt and shield start dropping for your buyers.

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