Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dear Deathwing, (A Cataclysm Wishlist)

Dear Deathwing,

All I Want For Cataclysm Is:

  1. I would like the ability to pay gold to increase the movement speed of already owned mounts.  I don't want to have to replace my Headless Horseman's Mount just because he isn't the fastest.  Let me pay to make him just as speedy please.
  2. Can we please get a stealth action bar for Rogues in Cat form, In Stealth?  It's rather annoying not having our own autoswitching stealth castbar for stealth mode.  Rogues have it, so can cats get it too please?
  3. Please, please, please increase all items to a minimum stacking size of 20.  Please allow cut gems to be stackable as well.
  4. Please give me replacement recipes in return for all the recipes that will be useless, pointless, or destroyed come Cataclysm and the stats changes.  Ammo bags, Soul pouches, etc.
  5. I would like an achievement quartermaster or reputation, some benefit to achievements other than bragging rights.
  6. Can we fix Wintergrasp so its a much more evenly matched battle, not so dependant on sheer numbers that show up?

What about you?  Anything that you would put on your wishlist?


  1. 1. Fix Scourge Strike
    2. Achievement pts having a quartermaster could be cool, I remember thinking when they first came out they'd be a currency for something awesome.
    3. Stacking everything, in stacks of 200... overly hopeful I know :/
    4. Rated BGs not taking over arena, that will probably result in my quitting.

  2. 1. Milling and Prospecting become spells in the spellbook. "Mill Icethorn", "Prospect Saronite". I am SO TIRED of having to press my macro 800 times while watching TV.

    2. Stacking everything. Cut gems especially.

  3. With #1 Why are you asking for something that's already confirmed as in?

  4. Order has no meaning but

    1. World pvp quests, like attack this person in that capitol city or defend blabla

    2. An exclusive mount for the richer persons, much like the mechanohog but much more xclusive

    3. Following proff bags updated or implemented: JC bag, Alchemy bag, Armor bag, Lunch box (food and drinks).

    4: This might be hard to udnerstand but like a "waypoint" for multiple cuts or crafts. Like I mean you can select 20 cuts of bold cardinal ruby for an example, but if you get like teh option tos elect 20 bodl cardinal rubys, 10 runed, 15 solid then click "create"

  5. BattleNet Bank - so i can send stuff to me without clogging up the mail.

    A Huge Bag just for achievement costumes and old tier gear. Easter costumes, wands, flame tabards,

    And yes stack higher, especially cut gems.

    Many upgrades to the AH system.


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