Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dire Changes To Brewfest Farming

Dual Wielding Tankards

Brewfest no longer has a quest to summon Coren Direbrew.  You can now join the Looking For Dungeon queue and select Coren Direbrew as your dungeon.  Gone are the days of finding a group, finding someone with the Direbrew Remote to summon the party to his location, and farming him 5 times per group.  Blizzard has made it much easier.  You just need to be at least level 78 and queue up much like how we went to kill Ahune daily.

There is no reason to farm Coren Direbrew multiple times, unless you are after one of his six ilvl 200 epic trinkets.  Farming for the trinkets on your alts and new 80s has never been easier.  The trinkets still drop off of Coren Direbrew himself and he can be killed as many times as you like.

With the new changes, once per day you will receive a Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest, which will contain 2 Emblems of Frost and a chance at awarding:

Great Brewfest Kodo (Rare Epic Mount)
Swift Brewfest Ram (Rare Epic Mount)
Tankard of Terror (BOE and sells for over 1k)
Direbrew's Bloody Shanker (BOP sells for nearly 20g to vendors)
Direbrew's Remote (summons your party to The Grim Guzzler in BRD)

These changes make it much easier to farm for the epic mounts and tankard daily.  I will be doing this every day for every one of my level 78+ characters, as well as getting the ghetto-trinkets for my undergeared 80s.  The 2 extra Frost Emblems are a nice addition to any daily farming routine.

This holiday, especially the first few days, is a great time for a Horde mage character to make easy gold selling portals to Thunder Bluff, Silvermoon City, and Undercity for those impatient players doing the quest to zap the Pink Elleks.  Just hang out in Orgrimmar and Durator and advertise your portals for 5-10g each.  Players will pay to save the time.  Alliance can hang in Ironforge and do the same for the alliance cities.

Enjoy the holiday!  Good luck farming!  Bottoms Up!


  1. Just make sure to be aware of the instance lockout that happens on your account. If you enter 5 different zones in an hour (regardless of which character) you'll be locked out of any new instances until the lockout expires. (Think 5 instance resets per hour when doing things like farming for the Baron mount).

  2. Yup, not a problem if you toss in some auction postings and Random Heroics in between runs.

  3. The Pink Elekk quest has been removed. Spoke to a GM about it this afternoon, it was implemented by mistake and disabled after the reset. Iv completed it and cant hand in, and they wont fund me the tokens.

  4. the drawback to that new system is that you may get something of the keg you already have.
    2nd Brewfest Kodo just plain sucks when you are looking for the Ram.

    Last year someone else would be pretty happy to get the mount, now all you can do is delete it :(

  5. Yeah Anon...

    It also keeps people like me from rolling on a rare epic mount I already own just to sell it to the highest bidder in the group, since that would have been possible with the new group loot changes.


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