Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Favorite Niche Market?

So the new blogging carnival question from Markco at JMTC is:

What Is Your Favorite Niche Market?

Well my favorite niche market is selling Rich Purple Silk Shirts.  Why?  This pattern is super rare, as it is a random Vanilla drop.  It is so rare that wowhead doesn't even register any of the mobs that drop it at any rate higher than 0.0%.  Wowhead also shows the average buyout price to be 1255g.  Good thing I found this one for 40g on the auction house.  Excellent investment as I have sold tons of these for anywhere from 10-25g each.  I am the only one who ever lists these Horde side, so I have absolutely zero competition and the cost to produce them is ridiculously low as the Horde auction house is swamped with Silk Cloth.  I snatch all silk cloth under 1g per stack, but often I get mass quantities for under 50s a stack.  So the return on investment is insane.

Why do they sell for so much?  

Other than the fact that hardly no one crafts them or even has the pattern learned, they sell mainly because they are purple.  It's not that pansy lavender color, but the real deal dark purple, and the only craftable dark purple shirt there is.  Color preference is something I learned when playing the early version of Star Wars Galaxies Online.  While other people were out fighting, I was at my home sewing and crafting and becoming a Grandmaster Tailor.  The two best selling colors to dye and sell items were Purple and Black.  I would say that 90% of my sales were Black or Purple Items.  You had to be a very highly skilled tailor in order to make dark purple items.  I do not miss the days of crafting in SWGO.  That auction system was horrible.  It was nothing like the running back and forth from the mailbox to the auction house like in WoW.  You had to fly to every planet and post your goods on each planet's bazaar and when an item sold you had to fly back to that specific planet in order to collect your money.  Yeah, it was a real hassle.  Glad the crafting system is much simpler in WoW.

Watch For It

So I would recommend that everyone should at least put the pattern for the Rich Purple Silk Shirt onto their snatch list as it can be found for super cheap as most people don't realize what a valuable pattern it really is.  And if you do get lucky enough to find one, don't sell it.  Utilize it to make some high profit rare shirts to sell.  I can't wait until Cataclysm as I am sure to be selling a ton of these to new alts, goblin characters, and Christmas noobs.


  1. My only niche market would be the Rituals of the New Moon.

    I don't have much other items available or enough time to collect them from vendors.
    School takes up too much of my time to do such things and I basically never leave my crafters town these days, with the exception of JC dailies.

  2. I just bought a Rich Purple Silk Shirt on my server a few weeks ago to match my Soulforge armor set. I paid almost 50g for mine, and have since been looking for the pattern, lol. I haven't been able to find one for under 4000g yet, but hopefully I get lucky and eventually find one for cheap! Great post :)

  3. After over a year of camping that pattern I finally saw it for the first time a few months ago for a whopping 5g. While I've sold quite a few shirts since then, it doesn't compare to the feeling of having finally gotten the pattern at that price. I even sent the newbie seller a tip in appreciation.


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