Thursday, September 30, 2010

Deathwing Brood Cloak

Sexy, Ain't It?

Limited Accessability
In the upper reaches of The Blade's Edge Mountains are a couple of plateaus only reachable with a flying mount.  One plateau houses the Ogre faction at Ogri'la, while the other is an etheral hub at Bash'ir Landing to the Northeast.  Both of these areas are teeming with mobs that drop the Bind-on-PickUp item: Apexis Shard.  Daily quests from the Ogri'la also reward stacks of 15 of the shards along with Ogri'la and / or Skyguard reputation.  If you have worked on the Loremaster Achievement or reputation with either Ogri'la or Sha'tari Skyguard, then chances are you may have excess Apexis Shards stored in the bank.  This is an option for turning those Apexis Shards into profits.

Hunting Dragons
Whether you are farming the shards, gathering them from quests, or have a stashed surplus grab all you can get and head towards the Blade's Edge Mountain Plateau's.  What we are doing is hunting the 4 Dragons:
Insidion, Furywing, Obsidia, and Rivendark.  These level 72 elites are easily soloed by level 80 classes that can heal themselves or by any of the pet classes.  Each of these dragons are summoned by placing 35 Apexis Shards into their respective nests, which will hatch their babies egg, thus forcing them to land to defend their nest.  Here are the locations of the eggs. 

Rivendark: 27.00, 64.80
Obsidia: 33.80, 54.60
Insidion: 62.90, 7.00
Furywing: 66.90, 14.60

Making the Cloak
The Deathwing Brood Cloak is crafted by combining 1 of each of the dragon scales that drop from each of the elite dragons.  This is now Bind-on-Equip, thus allowing us to sell it.  The creation process requires once of each:

Insidion's Ebony Scale
Jet Scale of Furywing
Obsidia Scale
Onyx Scale of Rivendark

Once all 4 scales have been collected a simple right click on one will create the cloak.  No profession is required to create these cloaks.  This cloak has a random 3 stat enchantment when created, but they are the most useful combinations of stats.  Options for this cloak are...of the Bandit, Beast, Champion, Elder, Hierophant, Invoker, Knight, Physician, Prophet, Soldier, or Sorcerer.  The average value of this cloak is around 120g, but if you get lucky and get one of the better suffixes you can sell it for much more.

Other Benefits
All of these dragons will also drop a BOE green item or two along with a chance to drop rare BOE crafting patterns and depleted items, which also can be sold for profits.  (More on depleted items tomorrow).  In 1 cycle of the 4 dragons last night, I got 2 depleted items, including 1 epic depleted piece.  I also got 2 BoE Burning Crusade jewelcrafting recipes.  I am currently working on faction reputation, so I am killing these dragons while in the area working on raising my Ogri'la reputation.  Win-win!


  1. Or you could just liquidate your excess shards for 2.30 silver each by turning them into red/blue ogre brews, the only shard items with a gold vendor buyback price. Good for you if you have a market for level 70 epics. Beyond one quest, the dragons have nothing to do with Ogri'la rep, so the only synergy is no travel time (you're already there) and you still have to decide if farming dragons is worth your time. Since I was barely able to get the one I did (rogue, not a healing/tank/pet class) it certainly wasn't for me.

  2. Agreed. Like I said, I did this while in the area looking for a way to profit off of all the extra shards I was collecting. More options in tommorrow's post. :)


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