Monday, September 20, 2010

Flipping Flik's Faire Frogs

Flik - Slow Down Boy!

Flipping Flik's Faire Frogs

The Darkmoon Faire comes to town for one week every month and rotates locations between Elwynn Forest, Mulgore, and Terrokar Forest.  Many item collectors will reward you with faire tickets.  There is also a fortune teller which will give you a 2 hour buff based on how you answer his questions.  You might be able to get some excellent deals from Lhara or purchase some unique treats and drinks from the other vendors at the faire.  One of my favorite vendors that travels with the Darkmoone Faire is a little goblin boy named Flik.

Flik is sometimes hard to catch as he is constantly in motion.  He runs all around the faire grounds chasing his pet frog.  If you are able to catch up with him and stop him for a moment, you will be able to buy a couple of vanity pets from him.  You must not be slow, as he will take off running after his frog within no time.

What He Sells
Flik sells Tree Frog Boxes and Wood Frog Boxes for 1g each.  The Tree Frogs are always in supply, thus allowing you to purchase as many as you can carry.  The Wood Frog Boxes are a limited quantity item and you can only purchase one at a time until more respawn into his item list.  If someone has recently bought the Wood Frog Box, then you will have to wait until another spawns before you can purchase one yourself.

Profiting Off Of Flick's Frogs
I like to camp out and buy as many frogs as I can, because he is only available for 1 week per month.  These frogs will sell very well during the weeks that the faire is gone.  Many people do not know about Flik and his frogs and will buy these pets off of any of the auction houses netting me a nice profit.  I have found that listing the Tree Frog Boxes at 25-35g each and the Wood Frog Boxes for 100-125g each will bring me continous sales.  The Wood Frog Boxes do fetch this high of an amount due to the limited quantity available.  As you can see turning 1g into 25g or even 125g are both very nice profit margins for not much work.  So next time the Darkmoone Faire is in town be sure to say "Hi" to my little friend and do some frog flippin' of your own.


  1. Wow.

    I am able to sell some tree frogs for 5g or less with competition, and wood frogs around 20-25g. There is less competition if I hold onto them for a couple weeks, but haven't seen that translate into sales at higher prices.

  2. Sales should pick back up in Cataclysm with the influx of new characters and players. Many people already have a lot of the vanity pets by now. So that could change for you soon.

    If i get competitors, I buy them out and relist at my prices as they can't restock until Flik comes back with the Faire.

  3. wood frogs sell for several hundred gold on my server 8D I am so camping flik!! gimie!! wonder when that rare frog respawns? 30mins now waiting..


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