Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blacksmithing Lock Picking (Revisited)

So last month I talked about Blacksmith Lockpicking as an optional idea for blacksmiths to make some easy gold.  I showed that you can craft the blacksmithing titanium keys and any tip over 84s will net you a profit for just a few seconds of your time.

Well, today I was on my blacksmith for a good while so I shouted in trade to test out my own advise.  I sent out a message that I was offering lockpicking services in Orgrimmar and almost instantly had two replies.  I highly recommend putting an advertisement into trade chat while you are smelting since that will give you some time to find some takers while you smelt.  The first guy had 2 boxes to unlock and tipped me 2 gold.  Fair, not too great, but easy profit none the less.  Then the second guy brings me 20 locked boxes of various levels and then tips me 250g.  Yup!  250 Gold for a few minutes of work.  None of the boxes were higher than level 375 so I just used the Cobalt Skeleton Keys and didn't even have to break into my Titanium Skeleton Keys.  The Cobalt Skeleton Keys only take 4 Cobalt Bars per stack of 10 keys.

So if you haven't tried this out yet, give it a go because this is super easy money.  Steal the business away from the rogues and pocket it for yourselves.

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