Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ins And Outs Of Guest Posts

Guest Posting
Here at Cold's Gold Factory I like to feature other writers as guest posters in order to help them create traffic to their site as well as pick their brains for new ideas.  I have had several guest posts here and have also posted as a guest on various other blogs.  This post will serve to get you up to date on the guests that Cold's Gold Factory has featured as well as informing you of the guest posts I have provided on other sites, in case you missed them or can't get enough of Cold's Nuggets of Knowledge.  If you would like to be featured as a guest poster, just contact Cold's Gold Factory for more information or to submit a topic idea.

Guests of Cold's Gold Factory
  1. Markco of Just My Two Copper :  Twinking in Cataclysm
  2. Mageshadow of  The Gnomish Coin : Selling Flowers
  3. Inkobah of TwinkInfo : Making Gold Off Cataclysm (most popular response to a guest post)
  4. Wes of CappedByCata : Mining Profits In Cataclysm
Thanks to all the previous guest posters.  I look forward to more guest postings in the future once Cataclysm drops.  I also welcome newcomers to the gold blogging scene to submit guest posts as well.

Cold's Guest Posts Elsewhere
  1. Twink Gears To Profit On @ Just My Two Copper
  2. The Spectral Vendor @ The Gnomish Coin
  3. End of Expansion Blues and Preparations for Cataclysm @ Capped By Cata
  4. Professions In Cataclysm @ Just Another Goblin
Thanks for the hosts that allowed me to guest post or swap posts.  Anyone else interested in a guest post just shoot me an invite or a swap idea.  Thanks to everyone for their help and support as Cold's Gold Factory continues to grow.  Please feel free to share my site within your social networks to help continue the growth.

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