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Potion of Treasure Finding and Tiny Treasure Chest

Potion of Treasure Finding
In Cataclysm, Alchemists will be able to craft a rather interesting new potion.  The Potion of Treasure Finding allows the imbimber to sometimes find extra treasure from monsters in the new Cataclysm zones of Mount Hyjal, Vash'jir, Deepholm, Twilight Highlands and Uldum.  This effect lasts a full hour, persists through death (like flasks), and is not limited to the alchemy profession.  Any level 80+ character can use this potion of treasure finding.  The extra treasures come in the way of allowing mobs to drop a Tiny Treasure Chest.

Tiny Treasure Chests
The Tiny Treasure Chests on average were dropping 3-5 Gold, had a 75% chance to contain 8-15 Embersilk Cloth, and a 15% chance to contain a single volatile element.  Extra Embersilk Cloth and volatile elements will be an excellent find for anyone out grinding mobs or killing for quests.

Will Potion Of Treasure Finding Be Profitable?
In the first weeks, all items are going to be ridiculously priced to craft just because of the horribly inflated prices we will see on the auction house.  Once the market settles down and prices on herbs are reasonable, then we can look at more accurate data as far as the return on investment in using these potions of treasure finding while grinding or farming.  I would expect these to be much more valuable to any of the heavy dps classes that can ramp up their kills per hour ratio.  The potion of treasure finding lasts for a full hour so the more mobs you can kill within that hour, the more chances you have of finding a tiny treasure chest, thus increasing the potential of this potion.  If I was grinding specific mobs for a certian drop, I would definately try one of these potions out.

Requirements To Craft:

■Cinderbloom x 8
■Stormvine x 4
■Heartblossom x 8
■Whiptail x 4
■Crystal Vial x 1

Anyone else have thoughts on the Potion of Treasure Finding and its uses?

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  1. Possibly a stupid question, but never hurts to ask: Do these benefit from Potion Specialization? I may choose that specialization for the first time in my life now that I have a second alchemist.

    I'm not sure if I'm going to be making them to sell but, as someone who farmed rare spawns just for Adventurer's Satchels during raid downtime, I'll definitely try to keep one of these up at all times when in the new zones. :)

  2. Interesting. Made me think of Diablo II and how "magic find" became the stat that drove the game.

  3. I think it all depends..

    First it will depend on what type of mobs will have to be killed to drop the chests and then it will be a wait and see if Blizz nerfs it if it drops to easily. An example of this would be how certain aoe classes would burn down large clusters of mobs in Icecrown. After a while Blizz went in and nerfed the loot drops.

    That being said if everything lines up like the drop rate is decent and if you can aoe down big groups to make farming profitable, I can see this as a nice thing. Especially with the only other way it seems to farm volatile elements right now is to combine engineering with a gathering skill.

  4. @Faid - Yup. Potion of Treasure Finding Benefits from Potion Master Spec and so does Deepholme Potion. These 2 potions alone could make potion spec profitable depending on demand for the 2 items.

    @Sig - Agreed. I believe it works the same way, just that potion of treasure finding opens up the chance for the tiny chests to drop. Once they go live we can start to analyze the data. I rememebr the days of playing my max level geared out Amazon with all her +magic find gear stepping into the cow level and blasting everything, then rounding up the good loot and gems to sell on ebay. Lol! Those were the days.

  5. The ridiculous early prices work the other way as well: while it will be very expensive to craft on Dec 10th, fifteen Embersilk will also be worth many times more on Dec 10th than Nov 10th.


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