Sunday, November 21, 2010

WoW Cataclysm Expansion $10 Bonus

Another Reason To Pre-Order

Amazon is now giving 100 Pre-Order Bonus Points for all World of Warcraft Cataclysm Expansion Pre-Orders.  Just $0.99 Shipping for Release Date Delivery.  The 100 Pre-Order Bonus Points are equivalent to an extra $10 Video Game Credit for later use.  

You can't get a better deal than Release Date Delivery Plus $10 Store Credit.

$39.99 for Game
$0.99 for Release Date Delivery on Dec 7th!

Bonus = $10 Store Credit for Use on Video / Computer Games

Win-Win-Win!  That's Better Than A Double Rainbow!

Note:  If you already pre-ordered you will get the $10 credit as well.


  1. ZOMG! Youz sooooooo fail for pozting a link to amason u just want to steal our rl goldz!

    Just kidding (and hopefully beating the trolls), thanks for the great tip, it's good to know that those of us that pre-ordered already will be getting the bonus points too.

  2. @Xinge

    Lol! I myself was waiting to decide whether I would go with a pre-order, digital download, or just hit Best Buy on December 7th. I live next door to Best Buy.

    1) Pre-order cost me 99cents for release date delivery and I will be at work until after 6pm, so having it in my doorstep when I get home is a plus.

    2) If I buy from Amazon, I pay no sales tax. Best Buy would be taxing my purchase.

    3) Digital Download doesn't come with any intro movies or in game cinematics (like the Wrathgate video in WotLK),

    4) Then Amazon starts to offer 100 Bonus Pre-Order Points, which gives $10 off another game after Cataclysm ships.

    So no tax, movies included, box included, waiting in my door when I get home, and an extra $10 credit. It's a no-brainer to go with Amazon's Pre-Order. So I ordered my pre-order copy just yesterday.

    As far as a post: I see this is highly relevant as us goblins are always looking for "The Best Deals Anywhere!"

  3. Note: Whether you pay sales tax for online purchases is determined by your state (or country) laws. If the supplier doesn't charge you tax on your online purchase, in all but 5 US states you are technically supposed to submit the taxes yourself on your tax return as a "use" tax, instead of a "sales" tax. Who ever does that? Just like if you live in Illinois and you buy gasoline and cigarettes (big price difference) in Missouri, come income tax time, you are supposed to claim all the gas and cigs on your IL tax return. Yeah sure.

    Read up:

    Five states levy no sales taxes at all, and if you live there you're in luck. The five states that do not levy sales taxes are Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon.

    Just some info before I get flamed about the tax rates and responsibilities.

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  5. Thanks for the post, good to know about Amazon. Personally I'll be going with pre-order via Blizzard. Mostly due to the fact I work swing shift, so I'll be able to play once realms go live. Also when possible I prefer to support the Digital Download/purchase sales model.

    Also, about your reason to avoid the Digital Download, did they change the policy since this blue post on November 1st? Seems intros/in-game movies won't be an issue.

    'Prior to the December 7 launch of Cataclysm, all current World of Warcraft players will receive the Cataclysm intro cinematic as part of an upcoming patch. In addition, all other in-game cinematics (including previous ones such as the Wrathgate movie) will be available for download to players who have not previously installed them. These cinematics will be automatically downloaded in the background while you play the game, after other critical game data has been received.'

    Anywho, thanks for the post and the awesome blog.


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