Saturday, November 6, 2010

X-53 Touring Rocket From Trade Chat - Update

X-53 Touring Rocket
X-53 Refer A Friend Deal
Remember my post X-53 From Trade Chat?  In September, I paid 15k gold for a X-53 Touring Rocket and 1 month of game time.  Some of the posted comments warned of this "common scam." Some were expecting that this deal was made with stolen credit cards and would be reversed.  This would have left me without my 15k gold and without my new mount.

Deal or Scam?
My free game time from this deal just expired today and I am still the owner of this mount.  This was a legit deal so I got a free month of game time and the Recruit-a-Friend mount for 15k gold pieces.  The mount is really nice as it behaves just like the Headless Horseman's Mount.  It can be used as both a land mount and a flying mount. Just another riding option in my quest for the Mountain of Mounts achievement.


  1. Nice, I set up a RAF account to do double duty and attack both factions at once and double my glyph posting speed. I unfortunately decided to try paying for 3 months at once instead of using the 2 month card so I have to wait a week for my mount to come in :(

  2. It really isn't a scam so much as "legal" gold selling. Assuming the dude didn't get game cards in a cheaper fashion, he paid $30 to get 15,000g. Considering the average gold-selling rates seems to be around $2 per 1000g, he managed to buy gold from you all at once without apparent detection by Blizzard. If he *did* have some means of getting game cards for cheaper than $15, then he got a gold-buying discount from you.


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