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Top Blog Posts, News & Podcasts From October

Top Blog Posts, Podcasts, & Links From October 2012

October continued on as another great month here at Cold's Gold Factory, with plenty of the fresh Mists of Pandaria traffic continuing to pour in.  Readers, you can always send in questions to me directly or you can leave your WoW gold making questions over on the /Goblinism subreddit.

October's WoW Gold Blogging Carnival was a great one that focused on our MoP Launch Strategies and Results.  This was a great series to see the various plans of multiple gold makers and just how they turned out posts Mists of Pandaria's launch.  Be sure to check out those carnival entries and you may get a few ideas for making gold in WoW that you aren't already working on.

Podcast News From October

Auction House Junkies

The Auction House Junkies podcast is done.  Yup. We've officially called it quits instead of limping out a show here and there.  The previous shows are still available and are still worth a listen for new listeners, but there are no plans to release new episodes at this time.  The show won't be resurrected in the future, without the help of a financial sponsor.  I'd love to continue on with the podcast, but I can't afford to carry the finacial burden, nor do I have time for editing it in addition to my own podcast segment, so it's dead at this point.

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast

With the collapse of AHJ, we've rolled gold making segments into the new mostly WoW format of The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast.  We've been bringing some good discussion and content that relates to the World of Warcraft economy and WoW gold making as a regular part of every show, so don't miss it!

We've had some pretty awesome, funny, and crazy episodes lately, as well as our first ever guest on the show (Episodes #25).  Here's the latest episodes from October:
  1. The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast #21 - "Bubbles The Orc"
  2. The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast #22 - "Progressive Heaven" (Musical Week while we took a break from the show)
  3. The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast #23 - "Zumba Scouts"
  4. The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast #24 - "Crazy Bacon"

Gifts For Gamers Additions

The Gifts For Gamers column on Saturdays has been going great and I've been having a blast sharing some of the cool stuff I've found.  Be sure to check out the older entries and look out for some great ones still to come!  Here are the ones from October:

  1. Gifts For Gamers - War of the Ancients WoW TCG Loot
  2. Gifts For Gamers - 14" Poseable Plush Sinister Squashling
  3. Gifts For Gamers - "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline
  4. Gifts For Gamers - Top 15 Gamer Friendly Movies From My Childhood

Top Cold's Gold Factory Blog Posts From October
  1. Tillers Union Daily Quests & Mats - Easy Gold Making - Shopping lists for dailies grinds and what you should be tilling & selling.
  2. Spirit of Harmony Equivalent Crafting Values aka Kobolds Are Bad At Math
  3. Ghost Iron Dragonling & The New Cogwheels (Tinker's Gear) - Cogwheels are selling for crazy profit still on my server.
  4. Greenstone Quarry - Ghost Iron Ore Farming - My favorite spot for Ghost Iron farming.
  5. Restored Artifacts, Brann Bronzebeard, & Easier Vial Of Sands - It's so much easier to grind the damn Vial recipe now.

Goldgrub's Goblin Academy

In addition to the posts here, we are trying to get Goldgrub's Goblin Academy off of life support and back kicking out more posts.  Here is a great pair of posts from
  1. Farming Meats For MoP Cooking - Easy reference with links to top MoP meat farming spots.  Thanks Nev!
  2. Gold Making Tips On Low Pop WoW Servers - A great guest post submitted from a first time writer.  Stop by and leave him some feedback.

As always, thanks for reading and checking out the podcast episodes! 


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