Monday, November 26, 2012

WoW Leveling Goods On The Upswing!

Warcraft On Sale
WoW Leveling Goods Selling Strong Again

Knowing when to adjust your sales tactics on the WoW auction house ahead of the curve is always a way to improve your gold making profitability.  Preparing and stocking up prior to a major patch or an expansion release is always a wise tactics, but preparing for an upcoming WoW auction market cycle is also a great strategy for short term profit increases.  For example:  Leveling goods have been selling quite well this last week, but why are they?  Before you move onto the next paragraph, can you think of a reason or two why leveling goods would be selling better this week?

Captain Obvious Says:  "New Players & Returning Players"

What Market Cycles Would Cause Leveling Goods To Be Selling Better Again?

While "new players and returning players" is a correct answer, let's dig deeper into why there are new players and players returning to World of Warcraft in late Novemeber. 
  1. Thanksgiving School Break (in the US at least) - Thanksgiving week is the first time US colleges and universities shut down completely, which means this is the first time that college students have a full week off from classes.  For some, that means partying on the biggest drunken party night of the year (night before Thanksgiving) and recovering, but for many it means a full week of gaming.  Some college students actually only play WoW on college breaks and summer vacations.  So for some college age students, this past week was the first time they got to dig in to Mists of Pandaria.  High School kids also get an extended weekend for the Thanksgiving holiday, which means more play time for high schol kids too.
  2. Black Friday Week Sales - There have been a ton of great sales during Black Friday / Cyber Monday Week at Amazon, mega in-store sales, and now Blizzard online sales have been added.  All of these great priced WoW boxed set and expansion sales are designed to bring in new players.  Getting caught up to MoP for just $35, is a great way to get new players joining the game and starting their first WoW characters.  They even have the MoP Collector's Edition on sale for $35, which will get you the LE mount and pet for $35.  It's also a great time to buy WoW Collector's Editions for flipping later for a bigger profit too! (Sales ends at midnight tonight - so act fast!)
Thanksgiving breaks from colleges and high schools, as well as the influx of new players brought in from the great Black Friday and Cyber Monday Warcraft sales, are both leading to increase player populations over the last week.  These population cycles happen every year and knowing ahead of time, allows you to prepare for selling those items that the new leveling characters will desire.  I've been able to make a nice dent in the remaining blue leveling gear that I had stockpiled for the Mists of Pandaria launch and of course Mysterious Fortune Card barking and population increases go hand in hand for easy sales.  As the brand new players continue to level up, there will continue to be more sales coming in for leveling characters, but some of these guys will be stalled out until their next break, the big Christmas Vacation.  So if you didn't plan ahead for this market cycle, then be sure to get ready for the influx of Christmas Noobs.

Anyone else seen an increase in sales this week on items that tends to sell better to leveling characters?

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  1. Hey Cold,
    Although this isn't part of this particular thread, I just read on the Consortium that 5.1 is hitting today. MMO updated their web site "confirming" this. Now I am still a believer of until it happens, it hasn't, just thought I'd share this with you. If it's true, then I expect gems and enchants to start seeing some action.



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