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Reputation Changes Coming To WoW & Tips For Rep Gains

Reputation Grinding Made Easier

Major Reputation Changes Are Slated For WoW

One of the biggest complaints coming through loud and clear to Blizzard regarding the Mists of Pandaria expansion has been the strong dislike for daily quests and reputation grinding.  The official Blizzard forums are overflowing with complaints regarding the dailies grind in MoP, which is much like the old Vanilla reputation grinding model. 

The 8 year WoW anniversary gift (Which you find in each of your character's mailboxes) awards a slight buff to reputation earned from kills, but this amounts to hardly no bonus unless you are out grinding mobs for their reputation from kills.  Even better is the Spirit of Sharing buff, which you earn from eating a full 5 stack of all of the Pilgrim's Bounty foods on the great sharing tables.  The Spirit of Sharing gives you a buff that increases all reputation earned (and experience), which is much better since the Spirit of Sharing buff also works on quest turn in reputation awards.  The good news is that both of the reputation buffs do stack and can be used simultaneously.

These are both slight buffs to help you progress through the reputation grinds with a little faster pace, but the better change to the overall reputation grinding system is on its way.

WoW Reputation Grinding Made Easier

On the Official WoW Forums, Crithto (Community Manager) made a post regarding the upcoming reputation changes.  These are going to be some excellent changes for those of us that are stuck grinding reputation on multiple characters.  I myself have multiple crafters that need to grind out the various reputation factions just to unlock their professsion recipes.  These new reputation changes will definately make that much easier once it is introduced, hopefully in Patch 5.2, since it's currently not slated for WoW Patch 5.1.

What Reputation Changes Are Coming To WoW?

According to the official forum post, the major changes to how we earn WoW reputation will include:
  1. Once a character reaches Revered status with a faction, all other characters on the same account will gain reputation for that same faction at double the current rate.
  2. Upon reaching Revered status with a faction, all reputation gains towards earning Exhalted status will also be doubled.
So get Revered with a character and all characters on your account progress twice as fast when earning reputation with that same faction.  Get to revered on all of the factions to unlock double reputation gains for all of your account's characters.  This can't be implemeted soon enough!

Thinking Ahead And Saving Rep

With the current reputation buffs, we can put them to good use for a slight increase in our reputation earnings.  Don't get careless though and waste your reputation too early because it way be more beneficial to wait until the change to reputation is patched into the active WoW servers.  Huh? Say what?

Currently, you should continue to push towards Revered and then STOP, unless you need to unlock Exhalted status for a gear upgrade, recipe, or mount.  If you don't need anything at Exhalted, then just stop at Revered.  you can go back to pushing to Exhalted for Achievement reasons after they patch the changes in and it will half your time and rep required.  And Revered is the required status to unlock the double reputation gains on your other alts.

Reputation turn ins should not be used now, unless you have enough collected to push you to Exhalted status.  Onyx Eggs, Relics of Guo-Lai (from the Ancient Guo-Lai Cache), Hozen Peace Pipes, and other items that award reputation should not be wasted now.  I would just collect these items for now and hold onto them until the reputation changes go live when we can earn double the points for using them.  If you have enough to push you to Exhalted, then by all means yeah use them now, but I definately wouldn't use them as soon as I find them.  Once you have enough to hit the cap, then use em, but don't waste your reputation gains now, when you can get double gains in the future.

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  1. As far as I can tell, these changes are coming in 5.1. Also, the increased rep gains won't happen by default, but will require buying a commendation from that faction's quartermaster.

    WI article for reference:

    1. Good read. Also thanks for pointing out that we need to buy a commendation in the upcoming patch to actually experience the revered-exalted rep gain boost.


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