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Stat Weight Priorities by Armor Type & Class | Gear Drops: What To Sell vs Disenchant vs Vendor

Gear Stat Weight Priorities Based On Class & Armor Type

Wondering what to do with all of the gear you've been finding in Mists of Pandaria?  Not sure whether you should disenchant, vendor, or sell on the auction house?  I've compiled some handy reference charts with data collected from to help determine if the stats on the gear you find is worth selling   or not.

Originally, I started collecting this data as a tool for gearing and reforging the gear for my alts.  Then I've been using it for determining which items have a better chance of selling because they are either the right stat combination or are the stats and gear used by multiple classes and specs.

Basically, if the item has 2 of the top 3 or 3 of the top 4 stats by weight distribution on the proper armor type, then I will try to sell it on the auction house.  If not, I either disenchant the gear or vendor it, if the item is worth more vendored than disenchanted.

I hope you can use these tables to help you with gearing up as well as knowing what stats have top priorities for classes and specializations so that you too know what to sell, vendor, and disenchant.

(c) = Until capped
(sc) = Until soft-capped
(r) = Until comfortable with mana regeneration
(=) = Linked stats have equivalent weight priority
< > = Interchangable priority per preference or gear
Hit/SPI (c) = Some classes SPI = Hit due to Spec abilities

Plate Armor - Stat Weight Priorities
ClassSpec#1 Stat#2 Stat#3 Stat#4 Stat#5 Stat#6 Stat#7 Stat
DeathknightBloodSTAMasteryHit (c)Exp (c)DodgeParryHaste
Dual WieldFrostSTRExp (c)Hit (c)MasteryHasteCrit
2 HanderFrostSTRExp (c)Hit (c)HasteCritMastery
UnholySTRHit (c)Exp (c)HasteCritMastery
ProtSTAHit (c)Exp (c)MasteryHaste
RetHit (c)STRExp (c)HasteMasteryCrit
WarriorArmsHit (c)Exp (c)STRCritMasteryHaste
FuryHit (sc)Exp (c)CritSTRMasteryHit (c)Haste
ProtSTAMasteryParryDodgeHit (c)Exp (c)
Hit/Exp PriorityProtSTAMasteryHit (c)Exp (c)ParryDodge

Mail Armor - Stat Weight Priorities
ClassSpec#1 Stat#2 Stat#3 Stat#4 Stat#5 Stat#6 Stat#7 Stat
HunterBeast MasterAGIHit (c)Exp (c)CritHasteMastery
MarksmanshipAGIHit (c)Exp (c)CritHasteMastery
SurvivalAGIHit (c)Exp (c)CritHasteMastery
ShamanElementalHit/SPI (c)INTMastery<>HasteCrit
EnhancementAGIHit (c)Exp (c)MasteryHaste<>Crit
RestorationINTSPI (r)Haste (sc)MasteryCritHaste

Leather Armor - Stat Weight Priorities
ClassSpec#1 Stat#2 Stat#3 Stat#4 Stat#5 Stat#6 Stat#7 Stat
DruidBalanceINTHit/SPI (c)Haste (c)CRITMore HasteMastery
FeralAGIMasteryHit (c)Exp (c)CritHaste
GuardianSTAHit (c)CritExp (c)Haste
RestorationINTHaste (sc)SPI (r)MasteryCritHaste
MonkBrewmasterSTAAGIExp (c)Hit (c)HasteMasteryCrit
MistweaverSPI (r)Haste (sc)INTMore HasteMasteryCrit
WindwalkerHit (c)AGIExp (c)HasteCritMastery
RogueAssassinationAGIHit (c)Exp (c)MasteryHaste <> Crit
CombatAGIHit (c)Exp (c)HasteMasteryCrit
SubteltyAGIHit (c)Exp (c)HasteCritMastery

Cloth Armor - Stat Weight Priorities
ClassSpec#1 Stat#2 Stat#3 Stat#4 Stat#5 Stat#6 Stat#7 Stat
MageArcaneINTHit (c)MasteryHasteCrit
FireINTHit (c)CritHasteMastery
FrostINTHit (c)HasteCritMastery
Crit BuildDisciplineINTSPICritMasteryHaste
ShadowINTHit/SPI (c)Haste (sc)CritHasteMastery
WarlockAfflictionINTMasteryHasteHit (c)Crit
DemonologyINTHit (c)Mastery==Haste==Crit
DestructionINTHit (c)MasteryCritHaste

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  1. This is a great list, but it would be much more useful if you removed hit and expertise, since they are almost always capped through reforging rather than gemming. It is very rare that people gem for either one, and it will only become more rare as gear improves and we get more total rating to reforge. For example, it would seem that a STR/Hit purple gem would sell well, but the reality is that those sales are extremely rare, whereas STR/Crit and STR/Haste sell extremely well.

    Thanks for doing this leg work though.

  2. Great to see such a theory crafted approach to the AH and stats. I personally however took/take a little more simplified view and break it down by "of the ... " as people buy gear in stat combinations more often than looking for one stat, and rarely (in my experience) are leveling players capped, capping or maxed on any stat.

    Rather than reinvent the wheel:

    The first section on class preferences is out of date. (no one ever seems to buy "of the tiger" and desire for agi/int gear combinations went out long ago!)

    A quick look through my sales data on what necklaces/dmf/other items had sold enabled me to rapidly streamline what on my server are the top choices for classes people pick, and the % of type (cloth/leather etc) sold. This let me de the undesirable greens, and improve my sales of the others considerably (ie less failed sales without reducing prices) within all price brackets.

    Something to do on those bird flights while leveling those toons who can't fly in pandaria yet!

  3. The value of this post is very high for me and my current playstyle. This will last for a long time during the expansion and even if things change, parts of it will still be very accurate.


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