Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Undermine Journal : Other Markets Feature

The Undermine Journal

Digging into more of The Undermine Journal's uses today.  Be sure to get caught up on a couple of earlier posts about The Undermine Journal that I wrote here at Cold's Gold Factory.

Let's look at exploring the Other Markets Feature.  I have chosen to search for the above item, Tsunami Deck.  You can see the market price on my server is 48,262.5 gold.  When you scroll down the data on each individual item page you will find the Other Markets graph.

Other Markets Comparison

What can you deduce from the above chart for Tsunami Decks on Eitrigg?  I play Horde side.  Looking at this chart you should immediately notice 2 distinct things.

  1. My server is way overpriced compared to other servers.
  2. The Alliance side is much higher priced than the Horde side.
So if you were on this server, your best bet may be to transfer the item to the Alliance side and sell it for more.  The data is only a few days old and is during The Darkmoon Faire week, but it is current.  You can't see if the items are selling at that high of a price because of the limited data with The Undermine Journal just coming back online.  Once there is more data mining, you can also look at the heat maps and recent sold prices.  I will go into those on a later post once there is more data collected at The Undermine Journal.

This Other Markets comparison feature is also a great tool to use, if you are looking for or thinking about a server transfer.  Get the scoop on multiple markets with real data before you transfer over.  I am very happy that The Undermine Journal is back online.  I will be continue to do some more posts about its uses, benefits, and how to use some of the features contained within.


  1. I actually have another use for the "other markets" beyond just this. If I get an item I've never really seen before and don't know much about.

    I recently got the Formula for Enchant Shield - Shield Block while running an Outland dungeon. None were up on the AH so I didn't know if they were common but none were up or if it was particularly rare. So I checked UJ which showed me that on "simliar" servers it was going for several thousand, so I knew to price mine high and it sold for 3k within a few hours! :D Glad I checked before posting it for 100 or something!

  2. hmmm, that might work for us on EU realms too Faid :) I had a look at TUJ before it closed but I never really understood most of it & as my server wasn't covered, I sort of just left it. I know there will be differences between US & EU realms but if a recipe/pattern is rare there then it will be on EU too. Maybe I should go check it out after all & not write it off as yet another US only site.

  3. I put less faith in comparing to other servers' markets simply because circumstances are so different. My server has Netherweave Bags at 10g-11g all the time. Other servers see 20g and up all the time.

    Based on population and maturity of the market there may not be any realistic inference you could gather from that data.

    Alliance vs Horde pricing on same server? Different story. You can actually use that immediately.

  4. @Kammler

    You don't need to compare prices on common commodity items. It is a big help to get a ballpark figure for what big ticket and rare items are worth.

    Just like Faid said above.

    @Nev the delepor has commented that he would like to cover EU servers as well, but it would be a whole new server and set of accounts to mine EU data.

    I know this whole operation is very costly and not profitable for him already. Hopefully he can get the EU server up and running before too long.

  5. I love this feature, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to manipulate which "other" servers it shows...


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