Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Best Locations To Park Your Alts


I true auctioneer utilizes each and every one of his or her characters.  Some characters may be
  • Stationed within major cities to post auctions on the auction house.
  • Parked near a forge for smelting or a quest giver for a daily quest.
  • Camped near a crafting material vendor and used predominantly for crafting items.
  • Stationed at a specific farming location for a rare spawn or top selling raw material.
Other characters are simply parked next to a specific vendor.  This characters purchases items and mails them back to an auction house posting character.  The use of a buying agent and an auctioneer together, create an efficient and profitable duo.  Where should you park these buying mules?

Best Locations To Park Your Alts
What other locations can you list for parking alts to bulk purchase vendor recipes?

(My apologies for the late posts the last couple of days.  Blogger is glitching on me and converting my scheduled posts to drafts that aren't going live.)


  1. I have my bank toon in Exodar to cut down on lag and make AH scans less troublesome. Easy enough to get to SW if I need to!

  2. It isn't really a parking spot, but I make sure my druid makes regular use of his moonglade teleport, as there are some nice rare items/recipes there and they are the only class for whom it isn't a huge pain to get to


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