Sunday, February 6, 2011

Farming Lovely Charm Bracelets and Charms

Today Is The Day

The Love Is In The Air Holiday event has started today.  So while everyone else is out trying to finish the Fool For Love achievement and farming apocetharies for the Big Love Rocket, some of us goblins will be focused on trying to find the best spots for collecting Lovely Charms. 

If you haven't already, first review the Lovely Charm Farming post from a few days ago.  This post is a continuation of that post.  This post today will serve as the main discussion grounds for new spots for farming Lovely Charms.

I will list a few of the places that I am going to try out, and I would like readers to submit other ideas of spots to try.  Then together as a team we can report back here on all places we came up with as ideas.  Simply come back to this page and list if the areas are dropping Lovely Charms or verify that these locations are not dropping the lovely charms.

So here are some of the areas that I am other readers have thought of so far.  Let's get to testing and reporting your results.
  1. The Gunship Quests in Twilight Highlands that have you circling the Krazzworks and shooting tons of mobs from the turrets of the gunship.
  2. The naga bombing quests in SW Vash'jir where you flying overhead and bomb tons of mobs.
  3. The Cataclysm dungeon in Deepholme with 100+ initiates at the end.
  4. The plauge catapult quest in Dragonblight.
  5. The Shark Riding Naga Eating Quest in Vash'jir.
Go ahead and start listing some new ideas and then come back and repost when you verify that they do or do not drop Lovely Charms.  I will be updating on Twitter as I find or rule out spots so be sure to follow me @SSmith0911.

Let's find some spots before they get nerfed and exploit them.  Something is bound to slip through, we just have to focus on finding it together.

UPDATED:  Best Spot To Farm Lovely Charms - 2012
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  1. Iv spent my day just gathering Fungal Behemoths in N/E Deepholm and its pretty decent.
    They have an attack that spawns 4 mushrooms that can be killed for charms while just kiting the Behemoths.
    My pala's tank gear is fully greens and questloot and i can take around 4-5 before it gets abit to much to handle. As they all spawn x4 mushrooms each i had a frostmage friend macro /target the mushrooms and /cast icelance and just stand spaming it and its alot easier if you macro your judgements and shield to target them aswell.
    The only problem with them is a knockback making selfhealing a huge pain of you get more then 4-5.

  2. I can confirm that neither the gryphon shooting nor the zep turret shooting quest mobs give lovely charms.

    Neither does the shark riding quest where you eat the nagas in Vash'jir.

    Anyone tried the Jousting quests in Hyjal?

  3. What are y'all selling them for? I was asking 50g apiece and I reckon that was too much.

    I used the above poster's method on my hunter. With my turtle I could aggro 3-4 behemoths, put it on passive after it built up some aggro, and then just let them bat it around while I spammed a targeting macro and occaisonally cast mend pet. Worked like a "charm".

  4. so the charms are soulbound, so u cant ah them, or trade them, and the bracelets can't be put on the AH bc it has a limited duration, am I missing something or did blizz screw us?

  5. You don't need Cataclysm mobs honestly.

    Try the Converted Heroes in Icecrown - groups if 7 or 8, about 10-20 different spawn locations and go down really fast to level 85 AoE.

    Farmed 400 Charms in about an hour on my Protadin.

    As far as selling go, the only way to sell them is barking. They can not be mailed btw, but can be traded and thus sold. So you WILL need to bark them.

  6. Seems the exloding fire elementals inside Halls of lightning works rather well. 5-10sec respawn.
    Guess the problem is getting past the trash and first boss there. Dont know how hard the explotion hits for but i doubt youl die from it.

    I just place my char by the love stand and /s bark. Sold withing a few minutes.

  7. The Stone Bats and the bug guys (something Swarmers, w/ 10k health) are a good place to farm these as well. As a Frost DK just a HB or two took the whole pack down.

  8. 25-35 charms per run and about 6g + items every couple of minutes from Death Knight Initiates and adepts in Icecrown.


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