Thursday, February 17, 2011

10 Top Secret Days For Making Gold

Real Life Events

Happenings in the real world do affect markets and competition within the World of Warcraft gaming universe.  Here is a list of 10 days to play the auction house for higher than normal profits.  Real life events  pull players away from the game.  These days will pull buyers, but also will pull competitors away as well.  There are tons more buyers for every auctioneer that posts items regularly.  Any missing competitors can greatly increase your sales and profit margins.

In addition to being better days to turn a profit, these days can also be beneficial for other tasks which benefit from less players, such as winning the fishing derbies or hunting rare spawns.  Real world holidays are actually a tougher day to make gold, since there are so many people off of work, you will most likely see increased competition.  Therefore there are none on this list.

10 Days To Play The Auction House And Make Extra Gold
(In no particular order)
  1. Super Bowl Sunday - The most watched event every year (in the US).
  2. Opening Sunday of the NFL Football Season - Servers are dead on this Sunday.
  3. NFL Championship Sunday
  4. NFL Wildcard Weekend (Sat and Sun)
  5. The Grammy Awards - Made a killing during the ceremony this year with no competition at all on fortune cards and jacked the price up to 45 gold each.
  6. The MLB World Series (4-7 Days!) - Sales are always great these nights!
  7. The MTV Video Music Awards
  8. The Academy Awards (The Oscars) - Most watched awards ceremony every year, but I bet the Grammy's pull more WoW players away from the game.
  9. The NCAA Final 4 and Championship Games (March Madness)
  10. The MLB All-Star Game - The most watched all star game.
Obviously this list is geared towards US servers.  Other countries have similar events, like when Manchester United plays, or The World Cup Finals, etc.

Can you think of any other days or events to add to this list?


  1. We're coming up on Spring Break and the kids will be playing during the week, it'll be like a 7 day weekend!

  2. Days to avoid, especially in the northeast--February Vacation, the week of President's Day--all schools are out.

    Black Friday--I had my best single day sales total of the year that day, over $10k, which was a record for me at the time.

    Thanksgiving Day, servers are dead after noon or so.

    Christmas Day. Yes, I played and made money Christmas Day. Day after New Year's--January 2. Everyone must have been hung over--got a ton of great buys to restock inventory.

  3. Mother's day. Father's day is still semi-busy... no one crosses Mom ;)

  4. Um... man u/chelsea/arsenal or any other big football team playing has next to no effect on EU servers.

    Big games in the European championships, perhaps, but nothing like what you seem to be experiencing with "football" :)


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