Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl = Super Opportunity

It's Super Bowl Sunday!

Server populations will drop to an epic low today once the Super Bowl starts, as this is the most highly watched event of the entire year, every year. And with the excellent match-up this year expect it to reach epic viewer records. How does this affect the WoW game day? Things to help you capitalize off of today:

1) Less Competition on the AH - Post your auctions right before kick off, or just after.
2) Check your posts and look for items to snatch during the game or at halftime.
3) If you are dps playing during game time, don't bother looking for a random queue, spend your wait time elsewhere.
4) Post a lot of cute pets on the auction house, as most players today will be women and children.
5) Move a TV right next to your computer. :)

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