Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Queues and Resource Farming

Looking For Dungeon Queue
The best benefit of the new Random Looking For Dungeon Tool is the fact that you enter the queue directly to the dungeoun, but you also are returned to the exact spot of entry once you leave the dungeon. This has been working wonders for breaking up the monotany of farming golbin repair rep for me, as I queue up and grind rep while waiting on the random group to fill, then once the dungeon ends, it's back to farming rep again. Wonderful for breaking the monotany.

Herb and Ore Node Hopping
It also is excellent for anyone with mining or herbalism. Wintergrasp is an excellent place to farm herbs, ores, eternals, fish, etc. while awaiting your group to form. Whenever the queue pops as ready to go, I land at the closest vein or lotus spawn and gather it, then accept my queue.  When I finish the dungeon I end up right back at the node I parked at. This Random Dungeon Node Hopping is an easy way to gather some resources in between random dungeon group queues.

Try it:

1) Queue up for Random Dungeon
2) Start Farming
3) When Queue is Ready Land and farm at any node or herb.
4) Enter Dungeon, Finish, and Exit With Dungeon Exiter
5) Check for your node to have respawned.

As far as great spots, if you are an engineer the absolute best spot for this is to park at the Titanium Node in Wintergrasp near the SE Tower Cliffside, near the Fire Revenants. This way you can Grab the Titanium (which is almost always there - especially during Wintergrasp battles when it is hard to reach without a flying mount) then go and grab the 2 free sets of Crystallized Fires+ from the 2 spots in the Cauldren of Flames with the Mote Extractor. Then park back at the node once your group is ready to go.


  1. doesn't work for a tank.... instaque first time every time.... though since I don't have herb or mining anymore (bs/engineering currently) it is kinda of a moot point. Will have to remember this if I ever actually get around to leveling an alt

  2. You are missing the point. IT WORKS BEST FOR A TANK. Find a titanium ore or another node, mine it, then insta-queue in. When you come out of the dungeons odds are the node (or a nearby one) has returned and you just rinse & repeat.


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