Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The New Undermine Journal - Even Better


The Undermine Journal was an awesome tool for gold makers in the United States.  It has been heavily missed since its closure.  It is back in business and is better than ever.  Take a peek into The Undermine Journal.  Cold's Gold Factory is one of the blogs regularly featured in the Editorials section of The Journal.

Before its closure, I had done a ground breaking article on Using Market Notifications at The Undermine Journal.  It is a must read for anyone who likes to find rare patterns on the Auction House.  I had found some great deals using this feature and it was missed while unavailable.

What Is New?
  1. All US Servers Are Included Now!  No More Voting!
  2. Realm Comparison Charts Now Also List Your Server's Other Faction!
  3. Posting and Selling Heat Maps!
  4. Much More Fluid Graphing!
If you've been to The Undermine Journal then you will be even more impressed.  If this is your first exposure to The Undermine Journal, then go visit it when you can sit down and dig through the charts and play with the graphs.  It will open an all new way to analyze markets and get the scoop on competitors.

Price and Availability History

Here I was resetting the Mysterious Fortune Card market from 19g to 35g.  If you can see the lower graph shows that the volume was low.  I bought out the cards there and reposted and rest the price.  Yeah it slowly came back down, but I was making a lot more during the reset time.  You can also see that it took 2 days for the market to come back down in price, but I took the weekend off and the beginning of the week as well. 

This is just one of the great features at The Undermine Journal.  Be sure to add this great site to your arsenal.  And stay tuned for more great feature breakdowns here at Cold's Gold Factory.


  1. This is kind of a double edge sword. I've been flagged as a "Top Seller" on my realm for as many glyphs as I push out which now shows a heat map of my posting times... definitely "not cool" in a market where logging on after your competition logs off is key.

  2. No Fair no support for Euro Realms :(

  3. How are Top Sellers calculated? It seems worthwhile to stay off that list if possible. I'm concerned b/c I have a toon with more auctions active than most, and with more income than most already on the list.

  4. @Kammler

    Pretty sure its just based off of volume of listed items.

    Doesn't matter if you make that list or not, becasue anyone can search for your name and pull up all of your posting and sales history, dig through everything you are selling and plot against you.

  5. I was kind of proud to have made the list on my server. I have been an aspiring goblin for a while now and that list feels like I got an A on my final. LOL. By the way....The Volatile Life prices are beginning their upward climb. Sold 4 stacks of 50 for double what I bought them for a week ago. Thanks 4.06!

  6. I'm so pleased to see UJ back on its feet, thanks for bringing it's resurfacing to everyone's attention. :D

    In regards to top seller calculation, it's definitely not just volume. It seems really unreliable. A friend of mine was trying to sell a Tabard of The Lightbringer; it was the only thing he ever posted, and he posted it for 100k every day for three weeks, and was considered a Top Seller.

  7. Alliance Thaurissan - we're small but we're interesting. Represent please!

  8. Just an update if anyone else cares about this issue. I posted a question on UJ's Developer Blog and got the following answer:

    Feb 09, 04:16:35 admin wrote:

    Kammler: Top Sellers is a really simple count of those with the most auctions up, those with the most value of items up for auction, and those with the highest quantity of items up. It's not meant to be a leaderboard of any sort, but just some interesting examples of sellers to look at.

    I'm not sure what the difference is between "most auctions up" and "highest quantity of items" unless 20 singles counts for the former more, and a stack of 20 counts for the latter more.

    Anyway, just closing the loop here.


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