Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Low Level Materials Markets Are Resetting

Planning Ahead

Remember in November when I talked about Feasting on the New Player Influx?  Cataclysm came and brought a lot of new players and re-rolled alternate characters into the World of Warcraft.  This was a booming time for finding deals on the auction house on low level raw materials.  The massive wave of new low level characters meant that many had been gathering low level crafting materials and posting them on the auction house.  With the increased supply forcing the prices down and the uneducated brand new players posting well below actual values, many of these items were easily bought at discount prices.  The auction house was a great place to stock up on materials that you would use throughout the expansion.

Recapping those items I had recommended:

Spider's Silk
Large Fang
Arcane Crystals
Small Lustrious Pearls
Deviate Scales & Perfect Deviate Scales

Markets Are Resetting

The wave of new players and characters that stormed through the old Vanilla WoW content has moved beyond the zones that provide these low level crafting items.  Idealy you should have stocked up on these items while they were cheap.  All of the craftable items these low level prime materials use have continued to be good sellers as predicted.  Your crafting costs will continue to rise as the large stores of these items continue to dry up.  The supply is not flooding the auction house and they have been being used to create great sellers such as Deviate Scale Belts, Barbaric Bracers, Arcanite Bars and Arcanite Rods, and Spidersilk Boots. 

So check your auction house now and snatch up the last of these items as demand has remained constant for their end products.  Grab the last of any cheap low level materials that are remaining on the auction house and start crafting!  Plan ahead and use your brain.  Don't be a lowly gorilla hunting noob like I once was.

Looking for a very simple and easy market to profit from?  Try the arcanite bar market with your transmutation specialized alchemist.  This has been one of the tips that the most players have thanked me for and have lead to lots of profits for many new gold makers.  This market is still thriving and doing well on my server.


  1. but.....but...... I wanna farm coarse gorilla hair :(

    Vanilla mat prices are already through the roof again on my server. Good job I was already stocked up :D

    Thanks Cold.

  2. I wanted a challenge last december so I bought up the entire stone market and reset it. It cost me like 600 gold in total and in the first day I already made 1.8k from sales. Heavy stone is a nice one to flip.

  3. Dense stone is another great market to control during the dark moon faire week.

    I like to keep an eye on the Black Vitriol Market also. Just the other day I bought it all out and listed a few back for 5g each. 1 Sold, and I already was making a profit from the investment, so the rest of them are all profit regardless what I sell them at.

    This is a really easy market to play with trying to control prices and experiment.

  4. I'm making huge profits on WoLK scrolls--Berserking, +Agility, Black Magic, etc. The cheap Abyss Crystals and Infinite Dust were killing me. My theory was cheap mats = less serious scroll sellers dipping their toes in the market.

    I reset the market on these two items. Now others have finally followed. You can't find an Abyss Crystal below 25g or Infinite Dust below 5g on my server.

    And instead of competing against 4-6 other sellers of Berserking scrolls there is only one. Same is true of all my other markets--down to one or at most two competitors.

    No one has really figured out the buying of cheap WoLK greens to DE for Dust yet so that market is great for me. Abyss Crystals are the big cost now--but I'm good with that. My last three Berserking scrolls sold for 650g each.


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