Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sell Lovely Charm Bracelets On The AH

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Lovely Charm Bracelets

The Love Is In The Air Lovely Charm Bracelets crafted from Lovely Charms are needed by players for the turn-ins to get the items to complete the holiday achievement and also to buy the Truesilver Shafted Arrow for the vanity pet.  Most people are stuck selling these in trade chat as the Lovely Charm Bracelets cannot be posted on the Auction House because they are a conjured item.

There is a glitch that allows you to sell these on the auction house, if you post them by using the Remote Auction House.  The Remote Auction House costs $2.99 extra per month, but this little bonus is an excellent tool for unloading those extra Lovely Charm Bracelets on the Auction House.  Not only can you post them remotely, but there is little to no competition as most players either don't know about the glitch or don't have the remote auction house service.  And this sure beats barking to sell them in trade chat.

So be sure to post them up and unload them before the end of the holiday before they expire with the holiday's end.

UPDATED:  Best Spot To Farm Lovely Charms - 2012


  1. I liked using the Remote Auction House until I got all my addons back up and running after taking a break.

    /2 WTB Auctioneer Addon for the Remote Auction House! lol

    Its so tough posting with such a limited interface but this makes me almost want to renew my remote AH sub...almost.

    Nice find Cold! -flux (from Power Word: Gold)

  2. Do you have an email preplanned for the banstick thats approaching for this exploit?

    Just kidding (I hope). Great find!

  3. Top notch tip, Cold - thanks for sharing!

  4. great tip cold. thank you... After giving away a bunch to guildies to help with their achv i went ahead and posted a few. Im hoping the people following dugi and zygor will go to AH as instructed on the guide to skip farming and buy mines

  5. Not sure if you take requests or have written about this before. I am doing alright in the Glyph business but lately WoLK herbs have been SO HARD to find.. I could never get Outland herbs but that was ok because the glyphs sold for more and less glyphs took them so it was a minor problem and a lot of the time it was worth it to mill something else and buy the inks from the trader.

    The WolK herbs are more of a problem because they are the majority of glyphs sold. I have been working around this by purchasing higher end herbs for around 100g, and selling the inferno inks to cover the entire cost of the glyph ink. It seems like a lot of work though. Not sure this is the best option when glyphs sell for 30-40g each.

    I THINK I need a mule to collect herbs for me. Some gold farmer or something that would sell me all the stacks he collects at a certain price.. however I have no idea how to find one and get into having herbs delivered to me directly... any advice?

    I think it would make a good article. Also have you seen any of the same problems on your servers? I see like 1-2 stacks selling a night now and all priced at like 50-60g a stack. Where I used to be able to get it at will.. possibly some goblin is buying it all up.. I am not sure..

  6. Thanks! Best 3 bucks I ever spent!!! I'm the only one on my server selling these on the AH. Muahaha.

    ~ G ~


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