Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Feast Of Winter Veil Gold Making Tips and Warnings

Greatfather Winter

Feast Of Winter Veil Gold Tactics

The World of Warcraft in-game holiday, The Feast of Winter Veil, starts tommorrow morning across the US WoW servers.  In the past, I was a big proponent of making gold during the early Winter Veil demand spikes.  Currently, I do not recommend trying to make gold with all of the strategies I have previously discussed.  If you are looking to get rich from small eggs, run from that market.  Run away!  Why?

The Feast of Winter Veil gold making scene has become very popular amongst players looking to cash in and make a lot of gold with not much effort.  The problem is that those days of making a ton of amazingly profitable sales of small eggs are long gone.  Last year, the Winter Veil start time was changed from 2 am server to 8 am server, which completely killed my normal high profit strategy.

When the start time was 2 am in the wee hours of the morning, I would post a ton of eggs for 5-7g each (7 gold singles, 5g per in the stacks) prior to logging off for the night.  Every year, I would wake up to a massive amount of sales and crazy profit levels as nearly all of my stock would sell out overnight on day 1 of the Winter Veil holiday.  I would sell most of my entire collection of small eggs, which mean I was selling hundreds and hundreds of small eggs.  By the end of the first day, everyone would catch on and the undercutting would begin.  Fast forward to last year (and this year as well) and the 8am start time and you have nothing but a complete undercutting bloodbath the entire holiday.  There is no sweet spot for posting overnight and snagging sales as the ill prepared are still asleep.  If you get stuck in the undercutting bloodbath and posting the eggs isn't worth your time, you are going to need an out for your collection of eggs.  Don't sell off your eggs for stupid cheap, because the price and demand will spike again during Children's Week next year.

Some players have also caught on to the tactic of selling the Deeprock Salt for crazy prices for the Winter Veil quest.  Even the opposing faction holiday outfits sales were down last year for me too.  As always, remember to have a plan for unloading your materials if the market isn't what you were hoping it would be.

Previous Winter Veil Strategies
These are some of the previous articles on the same topic of how to make gold during Winter Veil.  No need to discuss each of these again this year, but there is plenty of good information packed into those posts for anyone brave enough to step into the undercutting blood bath that is the current Winter Veil holiday.

One last concern of mine:  The holidays have been getting re-done lately.  There is always the chance that the quests will change on us and all of our stockpiling will be useless.  Don't overcommit when the odds of something changing are higher than previously.

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  1. I ensured the market was cleared of the mats that are going to be used, all except eggs. Strangely, I've never seen anyone try to profit from winters veil on my server. Wish me luck!

  2. Haha, it worked. There was one guy the night before who posted eggs at 7g each, I warned him to up the ante to 15g each and I wouldn't undercut him so we could monopolize the market. But he didn't listen so all of my eggs (couple hundred) sold at 5g 68s. And everything else is selling too. Thanks for the great research!

  3. Off topic, but do you jave experience in the Vial of the Sands market? I recently used the mounts to move gold across servers (and profit too!) and just a couple of daus caught someone selling the vendor mats in trade for literally 1/4 the price so i am excited to pump those out! Just curious your tips or strategy in that dept, such a big price tag item.

  4. @group5gal

    I don't have the recipe and I dont have them made for me. No experience in that market other than selling the deepstone oils for the Vial.

  5. oh a whim, I posted a stack of the Holiday Spices for 20g, sold in less than 1 hour. Eggs selling at 10g, Cookies at 50g. Yes they are that crazy!

  6. Anyone know if the Hero of the Day quest has been removed? I can't find it. I'd hate to have collected deeprock salt all year long for nothing. :-(

  7. I Was wondering the same. It appears that it has been removed as it was part of the old reindeer chain. That expand why none of the deeprock salt sold.

  8. And that, sir, makes me want to cry. I've been collecting all year long...on four different toons...on two different realms. :-(

  9. @group5gal - I've been selling vials for a while now. When there's not competition I find that they sell reasonably regularly for 45k gold on my medium pop, low horde pop server.

    I've sold a few at 60k, 55k and 50k, but it could take weeks per sale. At 45k they normally sell within one week.

  10. I opened a ticket to find out if they removed The Hero of the Day quest that requires deeprock salt... and unfortunately...they did. :-( It's no longer in the game. Now I have a ton of salt and have no idea what to do with it.


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