Monday, December 5, 2011

Patch 4.3: The Super Secret Recipe To Flip

It's A Secret To Everybody
The Patch 4.3 Added Super Secret Recipe

Anytime there is a new World of Warcraft patch, there are things that go can undiscovered and unnoticed.  If you are one of the first players to discover a way to make gold that no one else knows about, then you pretty much have a liscense to print gold until the discovery goes public.  This has definately been the case with the Patch 4.3 Hour of Twilight patch changes.  There was a recipe added to a pre-existing vendor that has pretty much flown under the radar, until today.  Those of us that knew about the new addition have been keeping it a secret amongst a few of us major gold makers.  I've made an easy 6k profit from flipping this recipe in just a few days.

Why keep it secret?  Well, I didn't find this awesome Enchanting recipe gold mine all by myself.  I was tipped off and promised to keep it a secret until the news broke.  And guess who I learned this great tip from?  @Twizzletank from Rep Grind Radio of all people!  Well done Sir!  Twizz was out in the Stormspire, Netherstorm gathering pets to flip from the Exotic Pet Dealer.  He wandered over to the Exotic Weapons Dealer, also in Stormspire, looking for items to flip to profit from the new Transmogrification.  And there it was it all it's glory.  The Enchanting recipe for Enchant Weapon - Executioner, a blue Enchanting recipe for less than 6 gold, is now available from the Exotic Weapons Dealer in Stormspire.  Enchant Weapon - Executioner was added to this vendor in Patch 4.3.  The Enchanting recipe is unbound when purchased and is sellable on the World of Warcraft auction house.

I sold 6 at 600 gold each, only listing 1 at a time to keep the appearance of it being a rare drop recipe.  After one would sell, I would immediately tossed up a new one.  I had the market completely to myself for a few days and made a nice chunk of easy gold.  I raised the price to 700 gold and sold a few more before a single competitor caught on.  Now I've diversified and am selling on the Alliance auction house as well, already have sold 2 today for 750 gold.  There still aren't a ton of players that are clued into this new change and this easy gold making niche market. 

Twizz told me about this awesome vendor flip and I've made some serious gold turning around 5 gold into 600-750 gold multiple times.  The guys I shared this top secret information with have also been reporting crazy profits, while no one else was aware of this pattern being added to the Stormspire vendor.  Thanks Twizz for the awesome tip!  Too bad someone had to open their fat mouth on the Consortium Forums about this recipe already.  Then this morning MMO-Champion reports the change as well.  You better get in while the gettin' is good, before everyone knows this secret. 

It was a great secret while it lasted.

Twizz & Cold

PS:  If you haven't already, be sure to tune into Rep Grind Radio on iTunes, Stitcher, or from the host site at  R9sid9nt9vil and Twizzletank have an awesome podcast that is in my top listening slot.  Rep Grind Radio is released weekly and it's never soon enough for more fun with Rez and Twizz.  Episode #20 is a don't miss podcast, as it includes Twizz's interview with the crazed homeless man we met on our night out last month!

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  1. Thanks for the tip! According to TUJ, amazingly, no one has listed this recipe on my faction AH yet...

  2. Sigh, why did anyone have to let this get out? I've been making awesome money on this formula and as people read the news the market is going to get flooded.

    Wish sites like this didn't run articles about it either. Granted it's out, the quieter the major AH blogs are, the more likely it's going to remain extraordinarily lucrative.

    Here's hoping that no one on my server pays this any attention.

  3. Kudos to Twizz; I discovered this on mmo champ just yesterday and bought a few to post. Later on I'll see how it did since the maintenance is on.

  4. HAH! now i have a visual representaion and a face to put to Twizz and Cold when i listen the their podcasts. Things will never be the same again :)

    P.S. Knew about the pattern so nothing new there, but the picture of Twizz and Cold, priceless and tottaly worth it !

  5. Apparently all of Blackrock already knew about this, or else there was a mass exodus to Netherstorm after that MMO-champion post. /sadface


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