Friday, December 2, 2011

Patch 4.3 Jewelcrafting Sales And Suprises

WoW Patch 4.3 Gem Sales Are Epic
Patch 4.3 Epic Gold Making

World of Warcraft Patch 4.3 is in full swing on all world wide servers by now.  The gold is flowing for all of those that prepared and stockpiled for Patch 4.3.  My ways of making gold in Patch 4.3 are working out very well, with some tweaks and additions to my strategy.  We have only seen the beginnings of the gold making possibilities as this weekend will be the first weekend with Patch 4.3 live. 

Many players haven't even been exposed to the new patch yet, since there are many weekend only players.  So expect another huge rush on items this weekend.  The new arena season should be starting up next week, which will raise demand for all common commodities that are PvP related.  I haven't been able to sell as many of the new Vicious PvP gear items as I had hoped for.  This should change soon as the weekends are popular for PvP and the arena season will be starting back up soon.  Players will also be able to start spending their Valor points soon, since they converted to Justice points with the patch.

What's Been Selling In Patch 4.3

Rare gems are flying off of the shelves as the more readily available option for filling gear sockets.  There is plenty of new gear entering the servers thanks to the new dungeons, new raids, and the new raid finder.  Red gems are the biggerst movers and the highest priced, as they always are. 

The biggest suprise is the sheer number of Nightmare Tears that I have been able to unload.  I had been stocking up on both Dragon's Eyes for crafting the prismatic gems and Nightmare's Tears to flip when underpriced.  And boy has that been profitable.  I've been selling out of Nightmare's Tears for 700 gold per prismatic gem.  I have been using the WoW Armory to check the buyers of these Nightmare's Tear gems and, as I assumed, players are socketing them into prismatic gems slots (commonly found on relics).  The more educated understand that you can put any gem into a prismatic slot, but I'll keep taking 700 gold per sale on my prismatics. 

Meta-Gems are another excellent seller right now.  The top seller is by far the Burning Shadowspirit Diamond (the +Int / Crit Effect meta-gem).  I made equal cuts of all 3 of the newest Meta-gem cuts and the Burning sold out long before the other cuts even had a single sale.  Those cuts have picked up on sales now, but the Burning cut is by far the most profitable and is the quickest mover of all the meta-cuts.

Even more epic is the number of raw Chimera's Eyes that I have been moving in massive numbers.  I had stockpiled a ton of these JC reward and Fiery Prism rare created Chimera's Eyes.  I was stockpiling in hopes of a new Cataclysm prismatic gem, since my Nightmare's Tears have still been selling so well the entire Cataclysm expansion.  The prismatic never came, so I was stuck with a large chunk of Chimera's Tears. 

Since most Jewelcrafters are spending all of their saved JC tokens on the brand new epic gem cuts, they are willing to pay for Chimera's Eyes to cut for their own gear upgrades.  Seems like a lot of players dumped their stock earlier in the expansion and are now forced with the choice of buying off the auction house or wasting precious Cata JC tokens on Chimera's Eyes, which means less patterns.  It is working out well, as I'm there to snatch up all the sales of Chimera's Eyes from my stockpile I had originally decided was a bad investment after my speculation on prismatic gems was a giant failure.  Dump your stock now while the value is very high.

Epic Gems And Epic Transmutes (Not!)

Epic Gems are currently a huge dissapointment for many.  The drop rates from the geodes are low like we had been warned.  Epic gems are almost unseen on the auction house.  Ones that do find their way up are very expensive - 2000 to 6000 gold per on my server.  Prices that high are way too risky to invest in an uncut gem and then try and profit from cutting the epic gem to sell on the auction house.  Many players, myself included, are waiting for the prices to come down before attempting to profit from the new epic gems that came with Patch 4.3. 

Epic Gem transmute recipes are still no where to be found.  It seems that at this point, they aren't even implemented into the game.  Whether they will come in a smaller patch at a later time is yet to be determined.  It is is possible that we will not even see the ability to transmute epic gems this Cataclysm expansion.

Got any great sleeper picks in Jewelcrafting?  PvP Jewelty isn't worth the time or effort for the low prices currently on my server.

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  1. I got burned on pvp jewelry last time around, because people would rather grind for the higher level honor pieces. So I didn't bother at all with that this time.

  2. PVP Jewels will pick up once the new season starts, i guess.

  3. Great to hear about your success!

    I am in such a weird spot right now, having only recently transferred my main toon to a very high pop realm from a low one. On one hand I have made a substantial amount of gold since Tuesday, but on the other I know I would've made probably two or three times as much on the old server. Granted, I bought a lot of materials in the two or so weeks leading up to 4.3 at the new server's great low prices, so I suppose it is all relative. Not to mention all the crafting alts I left behind, robbed of all their materials. /sadface

    I actually have been selling the new Vicious rings quite well and for a good bit more than the mats alone are worth. Good way to dump some blue and yellow gems, which are currently only selling for ~5g cut on Blackrock. Though I am definitely not wasting red gems and fires on the one.

  4. @Gladly

    I can understand how hard that must be to leave all those alts behind. I could never swap servers without taking everyone with me.

    Lower prices on a new server may be good for you, but remember the prices are cheaper for your competition too. So it's all relative, like you said.

  5. Eventually I plan to move over 3 of my max level alts total-- an enchanter, another JC and two days ago I brought my miner/BS after I ran out of ore stockpile. I've never been that great at keeping up with inscription or leatherworking, so I won't miss those toons as much, but I will definitely be wanting to level another herbalist soonish. At $55 a pop, I just can't bring myself to xfer seven toons this close to Christmas.

    Anyway, I should have said thanks for all the info! Def put into mind some areas I need to focus a bit more on.


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