Friday, December 23, 2011

The Pessimist's Guide To WoW Crafting Markets

The Pessimistic Guide To WoW Crafting Markets

Some Truths, Some Fallacies, Some Myths - Can You Tell Which Is Whack?

Jewelcrafting - These damn ore prices are insane.  Who can make any gold with Elementium Ore going for 120 gold a stack?  None of this PvP jewelry is selling worth a damn.  There is no place for hundreds and hundreds of Zephyrites to go.  Same old quests over and over for tokens is pretty boring and lame.  Epic gems are too expensive of a market to enter.

Blacksmithing - These damn Shield Spikes and Weapon Chains don't sell anymore.  Gah!  Look at the ore and bar prices!  I wasted all these materials on PvP gear and they aren't selling.  Only epics worth crafting are too expensive to craft now.  Blacksmithing rods suck, cause people only buy 1 ever.

Enchanting - Good Lord, the prices of raw Cataclysm materials!  How can anyone turn a profit off of enchant scrolls with prices this low on scrolls and so high on the materials?  Craft for a loss?  Disenchanting crap is boring and annoying.  People don't tip Enchanters much at all.

Engineering - There is barely anything to craft for a profit!  All you have is pets to sell.  This professions isn't for making money; It's for pets, mounts, and fun.

Alchemy - All I can do is 1 transmute a day, that's it.  Potions and Flasks are worthless markets.  No one buys older alchemist made items anymore.

Inscription - Inferno Inks, LOL!  Darkmoon Faire trinkets are a dead market.   Glyphs are nothing but an undercutting bloodbath.  Players aren't stupid enough to buy Mysterious Fortune Cards.  You can't make any money, until you know all of the glyphs.  The Glyph market died with the permanancy change.

Leatherworking - Leg Armors are the only item worth selling.  Leather prices are always crazy high and in short supply.  No one buys this leather PvP gear.  Most skinners are also leatherworks who just craft their own gear.

Tailoring - Dreamcloth items are limited due to the 1 week cooldown.  PvP gear isn't selling.  Tailoring is just for making your own items to Disenchant.  All the good recipes require reputation grinding!  Bags are the only viable source of gold.

Cooking - People don't buy cooked foods; they just cook their own.  There is nothing to spend my cooking tokens on anymore!

Many of these are common complaints from playing the different profession auction house markets.  We all run into obstacles, competition, and slow sales periods.  Don't give up.  You must push onward and take a deeper look into your professions.  Don't let the hard times or the complicated situations get you down.  Use your head and find a way around the obstacle.  We all do it on a daily basis.  You can too.

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  1. Which is Whack? They all are.

    Easy answer? Stockpile more prepatch and the issue would be less damaging.

    *Best advice on gems? Stockpile throughout the week, and list like no other on Tues and Wed (LFR reset).

    Before 4.3, we just assumed high gem days by raiding on our server, now, every 85 can raid and gear up. Keep doing boring ass dailies, you never know what hotfixes bring...and what you can buy at that time

    *PvP gear is a slim to none market, as the sales have dwindled fast due to the ease of LFR (imo). However, folks need the ilvl, and believe it or not, a bark in trade during peak (6-9p) will get you sales. Some folks are not aware of the change to 377. Tell them!

    *Disenchanting Items, just use that macro Alto’s Goldish Advice- Easy Disenchanting Macro.

    Who the hell barks Enchanting? Put the scrolls on the AH and forget about them already!

    I would keep going but my fingers hurt.


  2. Agree with you Cold. It is just like real life, sometimes you have to do a little work. Also I will say the economy is a little tough in WOW somedays.

  3. Many of these are common complaints from playing the different profession auction house markets. We all run into obstacles, competition, and slow sales periods. Don't give up. You must push onward and take a deeper look into your professions. Don't let the hard times or the complicated situations get you down. Use your head and find a way around the obstacle. We all do it on a daily basis. You can too.

    This is all you need, and also the web is full of information, like Colds blog here, and many more you just need to search, study and implement.

  4. I swear I mmm-hmm'd aloud at least a dozen times while reading this. Great post. Bah humbug!

    Merry Christmas sir.

  5. Alto, you can't just put scrolls on the auction house and forget about them if they're being camped. Barking in trade is very common and useful.

  6. IMO the only reason people think sales suck right now is the rush from the patch has slowed. I'm still making plenty of gold in all markets I'm in ( Enchanting, Gems, Belt Buckles, Bags, Threads) its just slightly slowed down.

  7. Ever since I got into the Transmog market I dropped every other market except for embersilk and netherweave bags because they are such an easy market. Flipping items for transmog should almost be illegal, I feel guilty and dirty sometimes because I'm making so much gold so easily.


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