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Top 9 Uses For The Remote Auction House

The Remote Auction House

The Remote Auction House exists in both mobile and web-based versions.  For just $2.99 a month you can get access to the WoW auction house from just about anywhere without being inside the Warcraft of Warcraft game.  Although you are limited to 200 transactions per day, this is a great tool that I have used very effectively in the past.  I have let my current Remote Auction House subscription lapse as I have been focusing on blogging more in my free time.  Be sure to check out Goldgrub's Goblin Academy, a new World of Warcraft teaching site, designed with the brand new goldmaker and new Warcraft players in mind.  If you are a long standing goblin, you are welcome to come help out the newer players with comments or you can also apply for a writing postion or consider guest posting for Goldgrub's Goblin Academy.

Top 9 Uses For The WoW Remote Auction House

Here are the 9 best uses for the remote auction house as determined from my past experiences with the Remote Auction House. 

  1. Jewelcrafting Dailies - If you have a friend or guild member on your server that can tip you off to which JC daily quest is the current live quest on your server, you can post your stacks of 3 uncut Cataclysm gems during the day while stuck at work.  You will see better sales than just posting them when you are off work and everyone else is doing the same thing.  Also works for posting the Wrath JC Daily quest gem as well as the Wrath cooking daily required foods.
  2. Easy Neutral Auction House Sales - The Remote Auction House provides the fastest way to run a Pet Shop Business, Faction Recipe Flipping, or any other cross faction business by using the neutral auction house.  With the Remote Auction House, posting and buying from the neutral AH takes, just the click of a different tab without having to physically locate your character at one of the terminals in the game.  When combined with the ability to post auctions from within your bank and mailbox, you can run a successful neutral auction house bussiness without every setting foot (or paw) near the actual neutral auction house terminals within World of Warcraft.
  3. Snatching Cheap Goods - The Remote Auction House is awesome for grabbing super low priced items (especially rare patterns) when you can't play (like you are at work).  Set up market notifications with The Undermine Journal and when you get the email warning you one of your watch list items is available, you can hop onto the Remote Auction House and snatch it up before another WoW player grabs it.  I love using this tactic for super rare patterns.
  4. Super Fast Gold Collection - The Remote Auction House has an awesome feature.  Just hit the "Collect All Gold" button to grab all the gold from your sold and expired WoW auctions.  One click and it is all collected from the mail for the current character.  No having to wait and reload the mailbox over and over is a great time saver.  Warning:  Collecting gold with the Remote Auction House will throw off any of your statistical data of add ons, like Beancounter or MySales.
  5. Relisting High Priced Items - Some items are just going to take many days to sell and relisting them over and over is key to their eventual sales.  Since the remote auction house limits your daily transactions to 200, using those limited posts and purchases on big ticket items is ideal.  Get that super rare pattern relisted before you get home from work.
  6. Get A Head Start On Posting - So you are stuck at work still and having nothing to do.  You are just waiting for the time clock to roll around before you can head home and start posting and relisting for your nightly routine.  With the Remote Auction House you can get a jump on those postings before you head home for the night!
  7. Stealth Posting - Another great benefit in the battle of auction house espionage is the ability to stealth post.  In other words, you are not logged into World of Warcraft while posting on the Remote Auction House.  This prevents your competition from seeing when you are online and limits their chances at quickly undercutting you right after you post.
  8. Exploiting The Remote AH Bugs - Everything about the remote auction house hasn't been completely tested and sometimes bugs allow you to post things on the remote auction house that you can't normally with the in game auction house.  You may recall me posting Lovely Charm Bracelets on the auction house and being the only seller, because they aren't postable on the AH.  This bug made me some nice gold earnings.
  9. World of Warcraft At Work - Can't get enough World of Warcraft?  Do you eat, sleep, and breath World of Warcraft?  Well, with the Remote Auction House you can continue your addiction at work too.  Don't let the boss see you posting items on the auction house when you should be working!

What's Your Drug Of Choice?

This topic was supplied by Mark Phelps in the comments of the Warcraft Free Giveaways post, where you can enter my MFC Mastery gold guide giveaway by supplying a topic suggestion in the comments.  Thanks for the great topic idea Mark!

Anyone have any other great uses for the web or mobile remote auction house?

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