Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Midsummer Fire Festival | Ideal Holiday For Leveling Alts

Midsummer Fire Festival

Yes, it is that time of year again. The Midsummer Fire Festival has just begun and World of Warcraft players all over Azeroth are extinguishing flames, juggling torches, and farming Frost Lord Ahune. This year Frostlord Ahune appears as a level 87 elite with upgraded loot. The current cloak drops from Frost Lord Ahune are item level 353 epics are a great and easy upgrade for your alts that aren't geared out yet.

Pump Up Those Alts

One of the best uses for this holiday is to take advantage of all of the daily quests, Ahune daily summoning quests, and extinguishing and honoring all of the Alliance and Horde bonfires.  The bonfire quests alone are worth an absolute ton of experience and during the Midsummer Fire Festival you can also obtain a buff that adds +10% extra experience for killing mobs also.  The bonfire quests provide an easy way to collect gold and hefty experience from running around Azeroth.  If you have epic 310% flight, then visiting all of the Fire Festival bonfires is an absolute joke.  Don't forget you can go to Northrend and honor and extinguish fires out there, even though there is no achievement for the Northrend fires.  The Midsummer Fire Festival quests are also a great way to rack up some easy guild experience.

The Fire Festival couldn't have came at a better time.  World of Warcraft players should be leveling their alts prior to the release of Patch 4.2 in order to prepare for the Patch 4.2 daily hub requirements


  1. Heads up the 10% experience buff only applies to killing mobs.

  2. I have to disagree with the "The current cloak drops from Frost Lord Ahune are item level 353 epics are a great and easy upgrade for your alts that aren't geared out yet."

    After waiting 30 minutes in a DPS queue for my warrior, I was immediately kicked from the group after the group inspected me and decided they didn't even want to bother. I queued again for another 30 minutes, same thing happened. So it's not really an easy way to get upgrades for alts that aren't geared up yet, unless you do it with guildies or friends.

    I did like the bonfires on my other alts though that needed the experience.

  3. I can confirm you can also honor/extinguish the flames of Cata content.

  4. This is one my favorite holidays because of the leveling opportunities. Last year, I got a full 2 levels (in the 50s last time) from the bonfires alone, and this year I'm 50% through level 78 from Bonfires just in the Eastern Kingdoms.

    While you're out, don't forget to pick up limited supply recipes, pets and other vendor goodies.


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